What will change for tourists, when Russia opened air traffic with all countries

So started the international tourism. On 1. August saw the official opening of international air traffic from Russia. Countries, although only three, and Yes, with the margins.

In Tanzania are only allowed to fly to the island of Zanzibar, where the wide beaches and the daily Kilometer run. In addition, direct flights there are, and how fast you deliver, is not hard to tell untwisted: the direction to forecast demand is difficult — a lot depends on the prices.

In the UK it is less, but still there are they. For all, the required two-weeks came from Russia,-quarantine after arrival. Then there are those who was in London on a Saturday shopping, automatically eliminated. Like many other of our compatriots, which is a purely tourist purpose of the trip.

What Turkey is concerned, the first day flight to Istanbul revolved around complaints of tourists to numerous cancellations departures. Most of the residents of the territories were affected, because they are selected in advance of connecting flights. And here comes a message from “Aeroflot” that the departure does not take place, and the passengers need information to clarify on what Board they are still in jail.

Visible problems with the Download, seems it was not. According to experts, the demand is significantly higher than the supply — hence the very high price of the cards. Place in the “cheapest cost-savings occurring” went on the route Moscow — Istanbul up to astronomical 70 thousand rubles. In view of the fact that for beachgoers Istanbul is not the end point of the trip, should you domestic flight to, say, Istanbul — Antalya. Very expensive pleasure.

However, flights cancelled and postponed to the following dates. Probably the fact that more or less adequate downloads there are now, according to the direction, i.e., from Russia. And finally, the aircraft will return to. Порожняком drive is not economically feasible, here is the airline, and optimize where possible.

The Situation straighten out promises after the 10. August, if the travel organizer is your Charter chain directly to the Resorts, bypassing Istanbul. Prices, and the variety of options available and appropriate to any time of the day.

The only “but”: about 80% of the customers who now support the companies, which are the ones that paid for their holiday already in February, i.e. before the outbreak of the Corona Virus. On your tours always discarded, that is, when air traffic finally opened up, it is time to use in the Form of vouchers. The only Problem is that you in new money for the travel organiser not to bring.

What’s next? Queue open of the flights, and in other countries. Today is called Croatia, Maldives, United Arab Emirates. Officially opened in Switzerland, but the question is: what are the conditions? If the forced quarantine, such as in the UK, then over to the tourism and tourists. Flights in these countries at the beginning of the new academic year: someone’s parents have the universities in London, and someone prefers to Geneva.

With regard to the opening of air connections with all countries, without exception, can be explained, but the opportunities to realize, is practically equal to zero. Flights start in this or that country, you will need the consent and agreement of both parties. A desire of Russia, unfortunately, little.

The European Union has already declared that they will not open the borders for Russians, at least up to 1. September 2020. And many countries closed to all foreigners. How to fly there?

The Example Of China. The absence of tourists from the middle Kingdom has a negative impact on the tourist economies of the world. And the same EU countries are willing to let a Million Chinese. But even China is taking a tough stance: the borders are closed, international flights cancelled. Therefore, there is no noise at the end of Chinese groups on the streets of European cities.

Therefore, the statement about the restoration of the flights abroad, in fact, is only the beginning of the regular flights to the CIS countries. Whether a lot of our tourists traveling in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, or Turkmenistan? Hardly.

We need to open the other boundaries. Especially in Europe and Egypt. Wait, promise, to October. TURIZM.RU

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