What is expected from tourism in the year 2016?

The number of operators of Outbound tourism in the year 2015 reduces to 70% and this Trend will continue. This was announced at a press conference at the end of 2015 in the tourism, managing Director Ator Maya Lomidze.

In their words, in the case of the deterioration of the economic and political Situation in the year 2016 the number of foreign operators can be reduced to 25-40%. Also, according to the forecasts of experts, the seriously reduced and the number of travel agencies. The remaining companies will change the structure of the distribution, the more on the inner and Incoming markets.

Departure-the number of tourists, according to the results of the year 2015 31.4 %. For each country there is a dynamic of its own: Turkey (-20%), Egypt (-25%), Thailand (-50%), Greece (-40-50%), Spain (-36-45%).

According to analysts Ator, at the same time, high Inflation, economic instability of departure and the number of tourists in the year 2016 to fall to 25-30%.

“The crucial factor for the tourists in the year 2016 will be the price,” – said Maya Lomidze.

Also, the expert mentioned reduction of the depth of the sales. So, according to the results of the year 2015 for the month planned to make your journey to 12% of the tourists, for 7-9 days – 11%, for 10 to 21 day – 28%, less than a week – 33%. It is expected that in year 2016, increase the number of customers, the tours at the last Moment.

Segment the domestic tourism in the year 2015 is around 10-15%.
“The average guess of the recreation in the Crimea and the Krasnodar Region could be reduced thanks to the tour operators, which have started to Charter in these areas. In connection with this part of travellers went in the Segment of organized”,- noted Maya Lomidze.

The demand for holidays to the Russian ski resorts on new year’s day rose by 12%. The most in demand Krasnaya Polyana and Sheregesh.

After экскурсионному tourism increase by 5-10%, popularity of river cruises rose to 20-25%.

With rising costs of the vacation within the country, in line with Inflation in the year 2016 the demand is growing at 10-15%. According to the forecasts, the demand on short routes in the surrounding regions. Also exacerbated the competition between tour operators and regions for tourists.