What happens if someone of the guests in your Hotel, you will find Coronavirus

Most of the open Hotels have on their Websites tabs with a detailed description of the extensive measures for the prevention of Coronavirus. Every guest check the temperature, be asked, the questionnaire cleansing to be completed first, to know the history of previous trips. And, in fact, earlier asked: “what are the pillows like?” All of these measures are aimed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

But what happens when the Test of some of the guest positive?

Of course, re-opened Hotels trying to avoid the epidemic in their territories. Along with the tough measures, the sort of hygienic дистанцированности and Hygiene, many revolutionize their working methods.

For example, in the Hotels are in a unique Position responsible for the administration of the intensive cleaning schedule.

Hotel giants continue to invest in state of the art electrostatic spraying with a disinfecting agent, hospital grade.

Add to that the Mobile method “Check in”, transparent screens in the Restaurants, and distributed sun loungers by the Pool and other activities.

Some Hotels try the threat and neutralize already at the door. Sha Wellness Clinic Medical Spa-Hotel in Alicante — ensures that it remains free of Coronavirus. Therefore, the requirements of the guests increased to provide: proof that they are not infected, not more than 48 hours, and the Test at the time of arrival. You also have the option of a Test antibody, wherein all of the Tests are included in the price. Other non-medical health resorts in the whole of Europe have on the work of the doctors, so the guests were calm and confident.

A number of Hotels in England and spend temperature-Screening guest to arrive, and the guests with indicators above 38 degrees Celsius, to reject, in the placement.

But in the strictest precautions cannot ensurethat the Hotel will not appear guests with an infection, but without symptoms.

What happens in these cases?

Normally in every Hotel there is a special isolated room, and in it guests will be isolated, waiting for the arrival of the emergency services. Of course, similar spaces separated from the Rest of the guests and are subject to serious disinfection after each use.

We will note that in every European Hotel, if it is the fact of infection, is obliged the local authorities to be informed immediately, and follow the recommendations for the identification, notification and self-isolation of other guests or employees of the hotel, which is located in contact with an infected Person. This is the decision on the closure of the entire hotel , and a separate floor, for example, is for each individual case to be decided.

Fortunately, so far, no other Hotel in Europe not reported cases of illness since they started in the middle of June.

It is to note that many Hotels have flexible cancellation policies, so that the guests easier to make the decision. For example, permits the withdrawal or amendment of a third person at no additional cost up to 24 hours before Check-in in the course of the summer. The same rules also apply to close when the Hotel was forced to due to the outbreak of the disease in the territory or in the vicinity of him. TURIZM.RU

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