What are the “countries” select in the list the number 1 for the opening of the air traffic with Russia

On 9. July known was the list of the countries tested in the Rospotrebnadzor and meet all criteria for safety. It is 9 EU countries: the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Poland, Italy and even a few non-European countries: Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Sri Lanka.

Exactly from this list offered by the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Минтрансу and other authorities, “who are you as a candidate for the resumption of air links in the first place”.

Experts point out that the list was quite exotic. Why, for example, there is Germany, but there are no neighboring Austria?

China as a safe country, but there, in the Moment of revenge is developing a new epidemic. Yes and the Chinese are not allowed during foreign guests.

Actually, a similar shaky is the Situation in Italy. The tense Situation in Lombardy, where the construction of new field hospitals, converted to exhibition-cents, etc.

Sri Lanka is open for tourists from 1. August, and for the Russians here, no complaints, but the demand of inquiries on absence of the Coronavirus, is a mandatory additional testing after arrival, a two-week quarantine, if the Test is positive — very hard conditions to agree to.

Vietnam, of course, возобовил air traffic, but with very great limitations. And he is unlikely to be fast for Russian tourists.

Mongolia in silence. Large flow of passengers was never there.

What for the whole of Europe, EU authorities are clear to understand giventhat in the near future, you will not see the question of the opening of the borders for tourists from Brazil, USA and Russia. The reason is the large number of daily diseases COVID — 19 is clear.

It is in the recommendations of the Hamas, no two countries, which completely removes all the restrictions for the international lines. It, Turkey and Mexico. No restrictions means including your willingness to take the aircraft from any point of the planet.

No, in the document, and mentions the United Arab Emirates, Greece, Tunisia and these countries Coronavirus circumvented or violated only tangentially.

And at all, that Russia, the flights in this or that country, need to there were the Russian tourists. Frankly, such a little: Turkey, the Dominican Republic, Croatia, and, perhaps, Bulgaria. Other popular destinations are in Standby mode.

So, yesterday’s list of Rospotrebnadzor unlikely to be able to a guide to action. Must listen and the other authorities concerned: Ministry of foreign Affairs, Ministry of transport, Rosaviatsia, rosturizm at the end. The real image of the August flight grid will not appear sooner than 2-3 weeks. TURIZM.RU

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