Veliky Ustjug takes 250 thousand tourists, according to the results of the year

According to the results of the year 2015 in Velikiy Ustjug is one of about 250 thousand people, said at a press conference in Moscow the first Deputy Governor of the Vologda Region Alex Шерлыгин.

“We are under every winter season, prepare special tourism products. It should be noted that in addition to the Great Ustjug, increases and the popularity of Vologda. In the past, the city has more than 150 thousand people. Veliky Ustjug annually in the new year’s eve 30-40 thousand tourists, the only according to the results of the last year, there were 220 million people, and this year, I think, that the achievement of the metric up to 250 thousand”,- he has noticed.

This year, in the birthplace of Santa Claus opened two new object: “forest pharmacy”, and the house of craft. Also in the current Winter season started the new object “the Russian house”, where visitors are offered various Folklore programme, began the work of Museum postcards and New chamber concert hall in the house of fashion of Santa Claus.

We will notice that the Vologda Region in the past year visited more than 2.5 million people.

At the event, also present was the Santa Claus, the chief magician of the country during his visit to Moscow visited “Москвариум” and praised the new tourism object of the capital.

Here, a number of overview and thematic tours as well as incredible water Show. Recently in the “Москвариуме” began the demonstration of new year’s eve ideas with marine – “the Lost world”. In the short time on the territory of the complex is the center swim with the dolphins.