“UTair” declined to 23 international destinations

The Russian airline “Utair” refused flights to 23 international destinations. As the newspaper “Турпром”, rosaviatsia pulled the permit at the request of the airline. Here are the four for admission to international destinations (from the Tyumen region in the town of Central Asia) has been declared invalid, on the direct orders of the Federal Air Transport agency.

It is noticed that most of the blocked routes are spread across the cities in the near abroad with overhangs from the regions of Russia. For example, will void the approval for the flight Mineralnye Vody — Yerevan.

At the beginning of December, “Utair” was in the list of the worst for skiers airlines. It was found that for the Transport of skis and other sports equipment carriers decreases with traveller an additional fee. In October, “Utair” for a fee allows the passengers in the Economy class to leave, in-Flight place next to free.