US authorities fined the airline United Airlines

RIA Novosti

The Ministry of transport of the USA condemned the airline United Airlines on $2.75 million for the violation of the rules for the protection of passengers with disabilities, as well as for the delay of the aircraft on the airfield. About it on Thursday reports a press-service of the Department of transportation.

According to his data, in 2014 recorded a significant increase in the number of complaints received from people with disabilities in relation to the United Airlines. After the verification of these addresses turned out that the company “could not be obliged to passengers with disabilities a quick and appropriate assistance when embarking or disembarking from the aircraft”. In addition, the customers of United Airlines did not receive help in the airport in Houston, Denver, Chicago, and at Dulles International airport near Washington. People with disabilities have not always been of your fixings for the movement, including the stroller, in the time or in the same condition. Exactly for these violations United Airlines pays US $ 2 million.

750 thousand carriers to give away for errors in the system of descents, if борты with passengers within a few hours were left on the airfield-for the bad weather. A portion of this sum — 375 thousand United Airlines has issued, to the Installation of automatic systems which allow it, to drive out, aircraft on the Parking in all conditions.