Updated rules for the wearing of protective masks in the most popular tourist countries

Who’s holiday plans in the coming months, must once again clear security rulesinstalled by the authorities of the country due to the Coronavirus. Because, as practice shows, are very different. Also, for example, within the European Union.

Somewhere mandatory only the wearing of masks in public transport is to be added in other regions of it, all of the closed rooms, shops, streets and even Parks.

The penalties are also different. In the UK, for example, those who the police to arrest, without face masks, рискуби runs on a money penalty in the amount of up to 100 pounds.

So check, what are the most popular countries in Europe changed the rules for the wearing of protective masks.


Face masks are mandatory for the use of public transport, including planes, ferries and Taxis, as well as infrastructure objects such as airports and Terminals.

Masks are mandatory in medical facilities, and elevators.

But the government softened the measures for the wearing of masks in the stores, employees, and the seller necessarily, visitors — desirable.


Face masks must be worn in public transport, in the airport and in the Taxi. This rule must be years for all citizens, the older than 11.

It is the wearing of masks is still not necessarily in the shops, but ever since the 1. August you need to wear in all enclosed public spaces.


Face masks are mandatory for all persons older than 6 years. However, not always, but only when there is no way required to hold the health distance of 1.5 meters.

In this, regional authorities must not have stricter rules at its sole discretion, should you therefore, the specific resort, located directly before the departure to Spain. To avoid unpleasant encounters with the police.


Face masks are mandatory in enclosed public places, including Restaurants, shops and public transport.

On the street protection product to apply is Optional, but you should wear, if it is impossible to support the minimum distance.

However, in some regions, such as Lombardy and Piedmont, the mask must be worn everywhere, that is to say, every time to leave home, it must be in a protective mask.

In the Restaurants, masks can be worn if you are in the device and if you go from the table.


Throughout the country face masks are mandatory in crowded placessuch as markets, shops and a hairdresser.

With public transport you are also required, including the metro, buses, Taxis and ferries.

In some regions of Turkey, the authorities ask the population and the tourists constantly masks to wear, for example, on the beaches, in the Parks and in the Restaurants.

But on the territory of the Hotels holiday makers are not obliged to wear face masks. TURIZM.RU

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