Uniform Federal Register of tour operators. Dossier

TASS DOSSIER. 30. December 2015, the Federal Agency for tourism (rosturizm) his order, removed the Uniform Federal Registry of tour operators in 19 legal entities by the Turkish owner. This was in accordance with the decree of the government of the Russian Federation from 29. December 2015, вводившего restrictions on the work of the Turkish companies in Russia. The basis for the regulation is the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, from 28. November 2015 “About the measures for ensuring the national security of the Russian Federation and the protection of citizens of the Russian Federation from criminal and other unlawful acts and on the application of special economic measures in relation to the Turkish Republic”.

What is the single Federal Register of tour operators

24. November 1996 the President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin signed the Federal law “About bases of tourist activity in the Russian Federation” (last version dated 29. June 2015). The original activity of tour operators and travel agents subject to licensing, but he was on 1. January 2007 (in accordance with the Federal law of 8. August 2001). Instead of licensing in 2007, it was the Uniform Federal Register of tour operators and introduced the required level of financial security. Inclusion in the Registry required for all tour operators, the provision of services for shipping to tourists abroad, or trips longer than 24 hours after Russia. In the Register contains the data about the legal Person, as well as about the financial guarantee, whose size is dependent on the sales of tour operators, the Outbound tourism.

The responsibility for the work of the tour operator without a registration

The responsibility for the activities of the tour operator, without registration in the registry is not installed. In December 2014, the government of the Russian Federation in the state Duma the draft law “On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation on strengthening of responsibility of participants of the tourist market and an improvement of legal protection of tourists traveling outside the territory of the Russian Federation”, the introduction of responsibility for the work of the tour operator, the not in the Uniform Federal Registry, and increases the size of the financial security. He was by the Parliament in the first reading, is currently in revision.

The decision on the exclusion of information about the туроператоре from the Registry may be appealed in court.

Company, the 30. December from the Uniform Federal register of tour operators