Two weekend and two fire stations in Kaluga on the day of the city

The day of the city — the best reason to visit is the place to go. In this and the next weekend invites tourists to Kaluga, it 645 is celebrating its anniversary. The celebrations last for two weekends in a row: 19-20, and 26-27 August.

The jubilee year of the date of калужане celebrate in style. Holiday activities are planned for two weekends in a row. On Friday, 19. August, theatre on the road the whole day apples and явствами of them are prepared to entertain. The Festival “Kaluga Apple” gathers chefs and restaurateurs, growers and producers, farmers and truck drivers, but also all those who are not indifferent to the seasonal fruit.

On Saturday, 20. August, planned to 12 p.m. for children and their parents in the Central Park of culture and rest: the Parade stroller bubbles, holiday soap, a science show “Galileo”. And in the evening at 18 o’clock, on the Moscow square, and in the green plant mother, that on the right Bank of the Oka, instead of a music program with local artist groups.

A week later, on 26. August, on the Mayakovsky калужан congratulations to be an Entertainer from the local Studio “accent”.

And all the fun awaits residents and guests on Saturday, 27. August. At 00:00 with the theatre square, night-time bike ride starts. At noon, street theatre, circus and coin Show, interactive programs, photo exhibition, ice-cream-Festival, Open-Air cinema, a dance-Marathon start, creative Workshops, a carnival, a Karaoke Show. The key Pad celebration: theatre street, the place of the Old trade, observation deck, Central Park of culture and recreation, the square of the Philharmonic hall of Kaluga, street of Kirov.

Ends of the day… two fireworks. A to see 22:00 will be the place of the Old trade, and the second around 22:30 clock on the Moscow road. What to say? Location калужане Party to celebrate.

From Moscow to Kaluga, the easiest way to train on buses. Per day more than 10 flights with the Kiev railway station, the earliest in 5:15. Travel time from 2.5 to 3 hours. The Ticket Price Is 415 Euros. If you decide to stay, rooms in 4-star Hotel in the centre of the city costs 2 500 Euro.

Next weekend in Kaluga promise, cloud cover, rain, the air warms up to page 27 And the following Friday and Saturday colder to +14-17, expected probably.

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