“Turkish Airlines” removes the July-flights to Russia. The wait for the next

In the next perspective, the Russians should not wait for the opening of the Turkey. It seems that since the last News-2 weeks, nothing in this question has moved not one step back. And now also, Turkish Airlines, and proved earlier in the flight plans for flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar, starting with the 16. July, lifted her on and underwent in August.

When the new plans, the flights of the “Turkish” , again recorded with 1. August from Moscow 14 flights per week. And then other cities in Russia come. It is not claimed that the aircraft flies only in Istanbul, which is logical, but also in a Resort of Antalya.

Thus, although the registered cases of “spin” in the Turkey Coronavirus passengers of the first broadside from the countries of the CIS, in particular, from Kazakhstan, Turkish Airlines continued to fly and in Kazakhstan and in Belarus and in the Ukraine and Moldova. Accordingly, tourists from these countries will have the opportunity to enjoy a holiday on the Mediterranean sea. In contrast to the Russians.

We will remind that the main reason for the reluctance of the Turkish side to open the Russian tourists, the border is called the great, in the opinion of the Turks, the number of cases of infection COVID-19, which will be in Russia on a daily basis. We will remind, according to the latest figures, there are about 6.5 thousand people. As long as this number drops to 2 thousand, the tourism has no sense.

Experts say that the results of the last negotiations in political and economic issues between the two countries does not satisfy both sides, here, and tourism are included, an additional “emergency brake”.

It is interesting that another important, is also a key market for the formation of the tourism in Turkey — English, even at idle. But right after the opposite reason: in Germany, the Situation in the fight against the Virus on Turkish territory may, and it will not allow its citizens to the resorts.

Add to that the Turkey came in the same strange list, the number 1 of the Hamas — 13 countries where the Russian tourists for a holiday in the first place.

We doubt not that this list have little to do with the updated list of approved countries, which is expected to be for 15. July. The Turkey is there, certainly. Only here, it is unlikely that something will change. Yes, and “Turkish” with “Aeroflot” to fly first accepted, after Istanbul and the capital Ankara as. About чартерах in the popular resorts of talk is premature.

So a realistic timetable for the resumption of the tourism in Turkey, Russia — September, i.e., the center of the velvet season. Not before.

It is a further Option to the end of the season for the Russian tourists. In October and November, all open goals on the red sea in Egypt. Tour operators prepare programs and switch to Charter flights, with the best weather conditions and more competitive prices. And then Antalya will definitely stay, without the Russians, until the next time, in 2021. TURIZM.RU

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