Turkey is one of the Top 10 авианаправлений with the Russians on “the velvet season”

Turkey in the Top TEN of the most popular авианаправлений with the Russians on “the velvet season”. The country was in the eighth Position estimate of experts of tourist Service momondo. This is stated in a company press release, press release to the editorial office of the “Band.ru” on Wednesday, 17. August.

The experts analyzed more than 3.6 million searches on the Portal, on a trip from Russia with departures in September and October of 2015 and 2016 years. They found that the demand for travel in Turkey to the current season, fell to 47 percent.

Travel within the country occupy the first place in 2016 as in 2015-m in addition, the growth in the interest in such routes by 20 percent. On the second and third places in Spain and Italy.

The fourth place went to Greece, the fifth — Thailand. In the second half of the rankings (in descending order) are logged on Montenegro, the USA, Georgia and Cyprus. The largest increase in interest is showed, and Georgia — Plus of 111% in comparison with the autumn of 2015.

Overall, the ratio of requests on flights are not currently in favor of Russia: 58.5 percent momondo users want to search for flight tickets abroad, and 41.5 per cent, press and hold the autumn in the home.

The Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (Ator) Maya Lomidze спрогнозировала that this fall in vacationers sought-after Greece, Tunisia, Cyprus and Spain. Travel in these countries is cheaper by up to 40 percent, she added.

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