Turkey has dealt with the demands of the Russians, the arrival in the country since the 1 August

Since 1. August Russian tourists go in the first couple of months of downtime in the Turkey. To open 2 of the airport in the largest cities of the country: Ankara and Istanbul. Resorts starts a little later — with 10.

Like many other countries, Turkey has its own arc sanitary-epidemiological measures for foreign touristscrossing the Turkish border.

During the flight, passengers will be asked to fill out a special questionnaire. Nothing special there is no the most important points: the personal data, the number of the seat, the name of the hotel or the address of stay in Turkey, the contacts for Online communication, the confirmation of the absence of signs of infection.

During the Passage of the pass to measure control at the airport of destination to tourists in temperature. If you, as a rose, passenger, and doctors to determine the causes. In the case of suspected COVID-19 is in a hospital for the passage of the quarantine.

But one suspect on the presence of an infection. Need more medical activities and those on the plane sat next to him. Namely: after a two-chair front, back and sides from the chair of the diseased, and in the case if the Patient has a place on the course are all sitting on the diagonal in front and back of him.

Your data immediately in the management of the health system, such as the data of the passengers in contact with the patient.

Also you threatening a two-week forced quarantine and further investigation.

Now, if you will no one on the plane sick, all go to their Resorts.

The Turkish side abolished the procedure of compulsory checking for viruses at the time of arrival and the help from Russia about the absence of disease is not need.

The doctors, each collector Board, have the right to conduct random Tests, if visually on the base.

Interested same Test, to be able to do this inall the major tourist air-ports of the country: Antalya, Dalaman, Izmir, Istanbul, on a fee basis. Cost 15 Euro-Promises.

The Turkish authorities recalled that the country is a масочный mode, that is, the wearing of medical masks be mandatory remains, as in all public areas, as well as on the street. In some cities, including Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Муглу, for remaining without protective equipment applies a fine of 900 YTL (about 9 300 Euro).

Possible treatments and investigations, not gebummst a pretty penny, it is recommended to purchase insurance, the risks covered in connection with the novel coronavirus. The policy can both in Russia and on arrival, before passport control, or Online

We remind you that the Russians, returning from abroad, within 3 days of the self-Test for corona virus, and load the data into the form on the Portal of public services. The results of the Tests, not off in another country.

But for foreigners, algorithm is different: you have to in your home country for information about the absence of disease, otherwise there is every reason that it is not allowed on the plane to Russia. TURIZM.RU

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