Turkey accused Russia in violation of international aviation norms

The Minister of transport of Turkey Binali Yildirim, Russia has been accused, in violation of international civil aviation standards and called the arbitrariness, the Situation with the visas for the members of the crews of airlines of the Republic. With the corresponding statements, such as Reuters reported, the head of the Department, spoke on Wednesday, 6. January, at a press conference in Ankara.

On the eve of the carrier Pegasus Airlines has announced that up to 13. January holds the flights in Russia, due to the absence of entry visas for the crews. According to him, similar steps announced, a private Turkish airline Onur Air, it disrupts the flights up to 14.

Representatives of Turkish Airlines said that the airline received a visa for the teams and doesn’t change the flight plan in Russia.

Moscow has since 1. January visa-free regime for citizens of the Republic. The decision on this step was taken after the Turkish air force 24. November shot down a Russian Bomber su-24, the in the Operation to fight against the Islamists in Syria.

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The incident, and no apology from Ankara was the reason for the serious disturbance in the German-Turkish relations. 28. November President Vladimir Putin signed the decree about application of special economic measures against Turkey. In particular, the prohibition on Charter air transportation between Russia and Turkey. Was also banned or restricted the import, on the territory of the Russian Federation of certain goods with origin in which is the Turkish Republic. Since 1. January 2016 the Russian employer a limited right, the attitude of the Turkish citizens.