TURIZM.RU wishes you a merry Christmas!

On Thursday, 7. January, the entire Orthodox world celebrates Christmas. In the churches held Christmas divine services, ends the 40-day fasting, and the Holy night or the Christmas season, the last 12 days before the baptism.

In the Tradition of the Russian Orthodox Church is the second most important holiday after Easter. According to the Scriptures, Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, where the virgin Mary and her husband Joseph of profit for participating in the census, announced by the Emperor Augustus. And since the city was overflowing with people, places in the hotel not stayed, the family has opted for a night in a barn together with Pets. In the time of the birth of Jesus in the sky appeared the star that you are, and showed the magician the way to the Baby. The wise men went into the stable, and the future of the Savior gifts of Gold, oil, and myrrh.

In contrast to the Catholics, who celebrate the birth of the Redeemer 25. December, when the Orthodox of this day falls on the 7. January. The fact that in the year 1582 was was introduced in Europe, грегорианский calendar. Our country has passed, the European era, only in the XX century. The Church lives according to the Julian calendar, or as they say in the old style.

On Christmas eve, or on Christmas Eve, to be taken, gather for the festive table, in a circle of people love. The believers are waiting for the sky the first stars, and announces the start of the feast. According to the Tradition, on the table 12 dishes. One of the most important is sochivo, which is a wheat grain with honey and dried fruits. The meal should be with him to begin with. Necessarily a dish of fish.

It is believed that for the dinner in honor of the birth of Christ can welcome the Lord himself, the only unknown in which Form he is. Therefore decided, in the house invite on the table all who are in need, including the beggars and pilgrims. Inspire those who can’t afford to celebrate this day, is a different Tradition of Christmas.

TURIZM.RU wish you a merry Christmas! Peace and happiness for you and your loved ones!