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TURIZM.RU: News туризмаTURIZM.RU: news туризмаРоссия: Tyumen after a tourist “Chips”TURIZM.RU wishes for a happy New year!Experts TURIZM.RU: exemption from registration — no reason for паникиСербия: Russian Railways launched the train Moscow – БелградЧехия: street musicians of Prague to start, go with a Bank of the Vltava river on другойИталия offers to welcome the New year in ЛабиринтеИспания estimated the cost for the recovery in ski resorts страныСербия throws куритьРоссия: caucasian nature reserve opened Winter маршрутыБеларусь: “victory” begins flights to Minsk?Russia: the Sochi the tree of friendship ремонтВеликобритания: Fort since the Second world war is in the luxury отельБельгия: Eurostar as a new year’s gift for the New year breaks поездаРСТ sees no legal grounds for the exclusion of a number of the tour operator from ЕФРКрым is from the “shadow”Belgium: All the Taxis in Brussels are working “in white””the Ural Airlines” have a new Route in КитайРоссия: Moscow’s museums are waived on Tickets for the New годОАЭ: the Russians moved out of Egypt in ЭмиратыСША: Americans increasingly take in flight оружиеЧехия: Prague — the best place for carrying out of Christmas according to the Version of the USA TodayИталия: Florence holds the exhibition “return of Venus”Spain: On the island of Gran Canaria fixed attack of the sharks on человекаФинляндия hits the beginning of the new year Celebration светаРоссия came on the 4. Place to of the attractiveness among китайцевРоссия: In Sochi in the middle of the season, observation птицамиГрузия:-Georgian military road is the New year снегопадомГермания builds the highway for велосипедистовСША: US-airport set a record for the number of passengers for годОАЭ: Zoo Dubai переезжаетИталия: Pure where штрафуютСербия: the mobile phone is means of payment in трамваеИспания: magic kings are in БарселонеАвстрия concerned about the possibility of terrorist attacks on the New годРоссия: “the mountain is Frosty” opened сезонИталия: In Pompeii open прачечнуюРоссия: Kerch crossing will be the New year штормомРоссия: 1. January Park of Sochi will be the work бесплатноВ China built the largest underground railway станциюХорватия built the Hotel to cater for the needs of cyclists

http://www.turizm.ru/ Band tourist messages on TURIZM.RU: all the news from the tourism sector for the day, the news about the countries and regions, the weather http://www.turizm.ru/img/logo.jpg http://www.turizm.ru/ http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49207.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2016-01-01 Governor of Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev announced in the next year a series of cultural and historical projects, which help form the tourist Image of the Region. http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49207.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49217.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-31 Team TURIZM.RU wish you a happy New year! http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49217.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49218.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-31 ON Wednesday, 30. December, rosturizm excluded, 19 tourism companies from the Uniform Federal register of tour operators. Among them were several large companies, including “Pegas”, “Anex Tour”, “Coral travel” and “San Mar”. TURIZM.RU found out, that in this Situation, should tour. http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49218.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/serbia/49214.html info@turizm.ru (balkanpro.ru) 2015-12-31 “the Federal passenger company” (subsidiary of Russian Railways) started the train between Moscow and Belgrade. The composition is with the Belarusian station of the Russian capital in 16.27 and arrives in 6.21. http://news.turizm.ru/serbia/49214.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/chehia/49212.html info@turizm.ru (Prague-Express) 2015-12-31 In January of the coming year, Prague city hall checks the Norm, the regulatory Street Art in the Czech capital. If it is approved, then in force, already in March. http://news.turizm.ru/chehia/49212.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/italy/49211.html info@turizm.ru (Italy Russian) 2015-12-31 on the evening of the 31. December 2015 a Labyrinth of Franco Maria Ricci Labirinto della Masone di Franco Maria Ricci) opens to the public, exclusively for the conduct of the magical night in the year, offers its guests an unforgettable evening in a unique location. http://news.turizm.ru/italy/49211.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/spain/49210.html info@turizm.ru (Spain Russian) 2015-12-31 According to the search engine the best offers in the area of tourist services, Kayak.the cheapest ski resorts in the country are located in Leone http://news.turizm.ru/spain/49210.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/serbia/49209.html info@turizm.ru (senica.ru) 2015-12-31 In Serbia for 2016 will be a complete ban on Smoking in public areas, including all objects of public catering. http://news.turizm.ru/serbia/49209.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49208.html info@turizm.ru (SOUTH.Roux) 2015-12-31 In the Caucasus biosphere reserve, launched the Winter-season, on the eve of the New year opened four eco-tourist Route. http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49208.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/bahrain/49206.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-31 ON Wednesday the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Valery Okulow reported that the airline “victory” (belongs to the group of “Aeroflot”) discusses with the Minsk airport to the question about the beginning of the flights on this route. http://news.turizm.ru/bahrain/49206.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49205.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-31 As reported by the administration of Sochi, the building in which the house-Museum tree of friendship, in need of repair. In this context, the Museum is closed to visit, with the 5. January to 20. http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49205.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/uk/49204.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-31 defences of the Second world war, to the front of the coast of the County of Kent, built for the protection of the Nazi Invasion, which in a luxury Hotel. http://news.turizm.ru/uk/49204.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/belgium/49203.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-31 6-7. January company Eurostar, flights in Brussels. The trains reach only up to the Lille-Europe train station, on a different schedule. http://news.turizm.ru/belgium/49203.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49216.html info@turizm.ru () 2015-12-31 of the Russian Association of tourist industry (PCT), sees no legal grounds for the exclusion of a number of the tour operator from the Uniform Federal register (EDF) http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49216.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49201.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-30 the Chairman of the state Committee of the Republic of Crimea on the Spa-Resort complex and tourism Alex Chernyak announced the latest data on the number of tourists, the Peninsula in the year 2015 — 4 539 million people, which is 25% higher than last year. http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49201.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/belgium/49189.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-30 From 1. January 2016 Taxi from Brussels equip Terminals for the reception of the payment with cards, it means in relation to the development of the urban Taxi to 2015-2019. http://news.turizm.ru/belgium/49189.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/china/49188.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-30 Russian airline “Ural Airlines”, the beginning of meet flights on route Chita — Harbin, by the 10. Route Russia-China, writes “Xinhua”. http://news.turizm.ru/china/49188.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49200.html info@turizm.ru (Interfax) 2015-12-30 Moscow museums and exhibition halls, according to Tradition, in the new year’s eve to be free to work, said the head of the Department of culture of Moscow, Alexander kibowski http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49200.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/oae/49199.html info@turizm.ru (RIA Novosti) 2015-12-30 Russian tourists are more visit Emirates in connection with the closure of some other tourist destinations, said the Deputy Minister of economy of the UAE Abdullah Ahmed Al-Saleh. http://news.turizm.ru/oae/49199.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/usa/49198.html info@turizm.ru (Newsru.com) 2015-12-30 American service of security on the Transport (Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for the year’s work has thousands of dangerous items in passengers who tried using them in a plane. http://news.turizm.ru/usa/49198.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/chehia/49197.html info@turizm.ru (420on.cz) 2015-12-30 the vote for the best Christmas destination in the world on the Website 10best.com from “USA Today” ended. Prague was the undisputed leader. http://news.turizm.ru/chehia/49197.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/italy/49196.html info@turizm.ru (Italy Russian) 2015-12-30 UNESCO begins the campaign in the protection of the artistic world heritage in danger, until December 2015 to may 2016, and provide an interesting exhibition in Florence. http://news.turizm.ru/italy/49196.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/spain/49195.html info@turizm.ru (Spain Russian) 2015-12-30 38-year-old resident of Madrid, during the Christmas holiday on the island of Gran Canaria, the shark was attacked, received a minor damage to the Hand. http://news.turizm.ru/spain/49195.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/finland/49194.html info@turizm.ru (Helsinki.Roux) 2015-12-30 a favorite with the citizens and tourists the Festival of lights Lux Helsinki is being held for the eighth time from 6. up to 10. January 2016. http://news.turizm.ru/finland/49194.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/china/49193.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-30 experts from the Tsinghua University, the leading educational institution of the people’s Republic of China, ranks the attractiveness of countries among Chinese tourists by 2015. Russia in this Ranking in the Top-5. http://news.turizm.ru/china/49193.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49192.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-30 IN Sochi for the Winter, let the migratory birds. In Орнитологическом Park you can observe the life of birds, stars in warmer climes. http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49192.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/georgia/49191.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-30 meteorologists warn about the likelihood of heavy snowfalls and avalanches 31 December -1. January, in connection with the entered can be restrictions on movement on the highway on the property Степанцмина-Lars. http://news.turizm.ru/georgia/49191.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/germany/49190.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-30 Every cyclist dreams of a ride on a good road with good cover, where there are no pedestrians, traffic lights and cars. http://news.turizm.ru/germany/49190.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/usa/49177.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-29 airport Atlanta, Hartsfield-Jackson set a record by you for the year 100 million passengers — this is the first airport in the world with such a high bar. http://news.turizm.ru/usa/49177.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/oae/49175.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-29 New Dubai Zoo — Safari-Park is in the town in the middle of 2016. http://news.turizm.ru/oae/49175.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/italy/49187.html info@turizm.ru (Interfax) 2015-12-29 Italian smokers from now on, you must be careful. The Parliament adopted a law, according to which the owner of the outcasts urn stub is thrown to a fine of 300 Euro. http://news.turizm.ru/italy/49187.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/serbia/49186.html info@turizm.ru (balkanpro.ru) 2015-12-29 In Belgrade by public transport can you now pay with your mobile phone, after downloading a special application in the company-operator http://news.turizm.ru/serbia/49186.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/spain/49185.html info@turizm.ru (Catalunya.ru) 2015-12-29 For the annual meeting with the Wise kings in Barcelona is a special program prepared. Up to 9. January 2016 in Casa dels Entremesos on the show “Cabalgata de Reyes in 1900,…” appears on the Display the Outfits of the kings since the beginning of the last century and until our days. http://news.turizm.ru/spain/49185.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/austria/49184.html info@turizm.ru (Newsru.com) 2015-12-29 Embassy of the Russian Federation in Austria, turned to the citizens, who come into the Alpine country on the new year’s holiday, with the call to be vigilant, in connection with the possible attacks. http://news.turizm.ru/austria/49184.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49183.html info@turizm.ru (TASS) 2015-12-29 opening of the first chair lift of the cable car on the Kamchatka Peninsula marked the start of the new Ski season, which up to may 2016 http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49183.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/italy/49182.html info@turizm.ru (Евромаг) 2015-12-29 In Pompeii after the restoration, discovered in the six buildings, among which, the Laundry, the visitors will see for the first time. http://news.turizm.ru/italy/49182.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49181.html info@turizm.ru (SOUTH.Roux) 2015-12-29 storm warning announced in the vicinity of the Strait of Kerch, it is possible to stop working ferries. http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49181.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49180.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-29 As reported by the administration of Sochi, Park “Arboretum” and “Southern culture 1. January will be free to all guests. http://news.turizm.ru/russia/49180.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/china/49179.html info@turizm.ru (TURIZM.RU) 2015-12-29 on Wednesday IN Шенчжэне opened the Station of the railroad, travel time between Гуачжоу and Hong Kong reduced up to half an hour. http://news.turizm.ru/china/49179.html#detail http://news.turizm.ru/croat