Tunisia is waiting for this year to 500 thousand Russians

According to preliminary results of the year 2016, the achieved tourist flow from Russia to Tunisia its record high. So, in mid-July, the country was visited by 320 thousands of our fellow citizens. In TRN, the head of the Tunisian national office for tourism in Russia and CIS countries Межид Кахлауи reported.

According to him, the tourist authorities of the country expect that overall this year in the resorts of Tunisia, take a break of more than 500 thousand Russian tourists.

The head of the office stressed that the issue of security remains for the country one of the highest priorities and the important.

We will remind, that in the year 2015 the number of tourists from Russia in Tunisia fell to 83% due to the terrorist acts against tourists.

Positive indicators for the direction and, in General, the total summer season, commented specifically for TRN

PR-Director of the management company Internetwork “Hot Tours” and “TBG” Olga Ivanova: “According to our information, the leading Trend in the current summer season is here, went up about 20% of the tourists. On the second place in Tunisia fled, followed by Cyprus and Greece that took place in early summer, is confident that the second and third place according to the number of bookings. Overall, these four areas are two-thirds of all sold to make us tours. In the Top TEN of the most popular trip in this summer, Spain, Bulgaria, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Montenegro and Abkhazia. In addition, Turkey has discovered that, in this summer, then again is short circuited, already occupied space 14. And, when you consider that the summer goes on, it still has all the chances to their positions, especially under the condition of the resumption of air traffic”.

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