TRN starts a special project “TRN & Agent”!

Ladies and gentlemen, representatives of tourist companies in Russia! TRN starts a special project “TRN&agents”.

In the context of, we make up a Pool of faithful friends and helpers of our company and are in accordance with the results of each month to choose the four best agents.

Schematically it looks like this:

1. You have an important, interesting, or problematic information.
2. You notify us by telephone or E-Mail (or other means)
3. We evaluate the information and, if valuable, put on the Website of the TRN in the section “News” or “article”.
4. At the end of the month, the editors of the best agents to selected is the TRN.
5. The winner of the award will be presented.


– Information must be accurate and should not be Adware or explicitly антирекламного (offensive) character.

Prices can be as tangible and intangible (Bonus publication of information about your business on our Website, or Premium participation in the program of the expert comments).

– Please send us your “Undercover” information to the post with the words “Agent reports”. According to our Reporter to contact soon, in order to clarify all the nuances.

The Material was by the editors