Travelers marked the airline with the most polite car

The traveller called, the crews of Aeroflot, S7 Airlines and Lufthansa are the type in dealing with the passengers. Reports about the Service “Rambler.Journey,” citing a study by the society Tripsta.

The friendly travelers called, the crews of “Aeroflot” (26 percent). The second place among the airlines has S7 Airlines (12 percent), and closes the three of leaders of the Lufthansa. In five of the Rankings are also Emirates (7 percent), and Turkish Airlines.

22 percent of respondents believe that the staff of the foreign airlines are usually more than friendly. So, passengers like it when the Pilot shows extra attention on the visitors, under the greeting in the cabin, and not only the communication via radio.

Among the unpleasant situations that you are confronted with passengers who most often complain about careless handling of the Luggage. It was almost a third of respondents (29 percent). In addition, 20 percent are dissatisfied with the slow reaction of the crew to the wishes of the passengers, and 13 percent complained about the indifference of the personnel carriers. 12 percent of the travelers are unhappy with the fact that the flight attendants did not offer food in the case when the passenger is asleep.

Already in December reported that Aeroflot, S7 Airlines, Lufthansa they were among the best airlines for skiers — for the passengers of these airlines a free carriage of sports equipment.