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December 25, 2015 AVIADO.RU — a great gift – not necessarily expensive gift. Moreover, even an expensive gift may be inappropriate and bring sorrow instead of joy and pleasure, if he who has given it did not take into account the traditions, superstitions or customs of the country, where he had the good fortune to celebrate the New year.

For example, the Celtic peoples (Irish, Scots) mirrors are considered a symbol of the transition from real world to the next world. And since the New year and Christmas door between the worlds opened, then fate is better not to joke. So, giving the Irish mirror, you can simply scare. He will see in this gift a bad sign, but in the giver – the messenger with bad news or the person who wants to hurt him, sort of the Troll and the leprechaun. Also in the New year you can not give lilies: in Ireland, these flowers are considered suitable only for religious holidays, and New year is not one of them.

In many European countries women are not made to give the pearls. This stone is called “widow’s tears”, and the negative symbolism of New year’s eve — feast, to which all hopes for the best, the last thing I need.

In the European holiday tradition and etiquette are not so mystical. In France, for example, it is believed that to give men ties can only close women, because it is obvious the symbol “zahomutala”. A work colleague like this hint can be alerted. The same applies to spirits as a gift for ladies: perfume the French only give their wives and sweethearts.

The Germans only avoid expensive Christmas gifts. It is believed that precious gift requires the giver to reciprocate, but not everyone has that opportunity. But the residents of Germany on Christmas eve with pleasure give each other candles and spruce wreaths.

Mexicans don’t give men on New year’s day shampoos or other hair care products. This gift will be regarded as a hint at the problems and a wish to improve the hair in the New year that Mexicans may perceive as an insult. But flowers are considered a wonderful gift. But when choosing a bouquet you have to remember that in Mexico is not customary to give any marigolds and red flowers.

Spain other fine points of floristry: it is necessary to avoid the number thirteen, picking a bouquet of flowers. In addition, the Spaniards do not like extremes, they don’t like and too simple, and too extravagant gifts. It is better to stick to the Golden mean.

The most favorable direction in the New Year


Resident Arab Emirates gift in the form of spirits and a pearl necklace, will likely be pleased. But only if it is from her husband or from her father. Foreign men are not entitled to make such gift for Arab women. If you celebrate the New year in a circle of Arab friends, it is better not to give them clothes made of leather, after all, to check the origin of the leather item is extremely difficult. Uncertainty about which animal was sacrificed for the sake of making things that can seriously spoil the holiday. However, the same applies to other Muslim countries such as Jordan or Tunisia. In addition, there is absolutely not accepted to give the alcohol and the New year is no exception.

Also in all Arab countries it is not customary to give each other any items with a picture of a man. It is better to choose a gift with floral ornament with images of nature you can’t go wrong.

In Norway and in the New year and other holidays, unwelcome compliments. The Norwegians don’t know the famous song call of Bulat Okudzhava and the praise is not regarded as “love pleasant moments” and as inappropriate flattery, and they are not happy and sad. Scandinavian neighbours Norwegians – Finns can give for the New year what in Russia is considered to give a bad omen, knives. But give them to the Finns only in case, if you want to do in the New year a proposal to the girl. Before his chosen man solemnly puts the knife in the sheath. If the girl agrees, then she should get the knife. Then in the New year it will be possible to set a wedding date.

All except white

In Japan in the category of taboo is the new year for Russians white. What to do if in Russia the white color of snow, of purity and Association with the Christmas holidays, the Japanese considered it a symbol of mourning. And in the New year, alas, he does not acquire a different value. Also the Japanese did not give each other on New year objects the number “4” or “10”: Japanese transcription of the word “four” is close to the sound of the word “death” and “ten” is very similar to the word “pain”. Of course, in the New year this symbolism necessary to nobody. However, other holidays are these numbers the Japanese also try to avoid. Unlike the Europeans, the Japanese and the Chinese give each other an even number of flowers. Other Japanese gifts are carefully Packed in boxes. By the way, in Japan it is not customary to unwrap a gift in front of giver that he will disappoint so that people will not be able to hide it? For Japanese, this hypothetical situation is akin to a disaster: to show the frustrations of the gift – how to be naked in a public place. That’s why cultural the Japanese did not venture to do such experiments.

But Thai people give each other everything, except, perhaps, items of ivory (elephant – a sacred animal). Another condition holiday etiquette applies to lefties: a gift in Thailand can not be given with the left hand because it is believed that it brings bad energy, which endow the gift, especially at the New year’s eve.

However, if the one who is present, be sure that it is presented with good intentions, most likely, will not pay attention to what hand the giver gave his gift. A sincere smile will help to brighten up not knowing the nuances of etiquette.


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