Tour operators say the growing interest among the foreign tourists for a stay in the Russian Federation

MOSCOW, 16. August. /TASS/. Russian tour operators to increase of interest on the part of foreign tourists on holiday in the regions of the Russian Federation.

This was announced at a press conference, the Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (Ator) Maya Lomidze.

She pointed out that “the prices for a holiday in Russia starting in 2014, be systematically reduced, just because of the very expensive currency, the devaluation of rouble and, accordingly, domestic holiday cheaper than abroad”.

Lomidze said that in the last 1.5-2 years takes certain steps in the direction of the involvement of foreign tourists in Russia: to open the missions Visit Russia and abroad, whose task is the promotion of the recovery in Russia on foreign markets. “The devaluation of the ruble is possible to stressed serious stimulate interest in holidays in Russia, at the time of arrival in the Russian Federation on the part of many foreign markets”, – the representative of Ator.

“Sanctions also in 2015 year, the official statistics shows a significant increase in, for example, on the part of Spain, the demand in the UK and in France. This suggests that the sanctions have little value, and people are willing to drive here”, – said Lomidze. Lomidze said that the most popular areas among foreigners of St. Petersburg, Moscow, towns of the Golden ring, Kazan. “It is with great distance the Kamchatka, BAIKAL, Altai Krai, Sakhalin,” she added.

In a significant way, according to her, the demand for holidays in Russia on the Asian markets. “The heads of state and heads of government (according to the number of visits to the Russian Federation), China, Iran,” – said Lomidze. All of the other Asian markets also show a positive dynamics, she added.

Moreover, according to her, “Sochi is also actively enough to advance among the foreigners”. “I know that there is interest on the part of the Chinese, Iranian tourists. The demand from Iran to Sochi, St. Petersburg, Moscow grew by around 25% compared to the previous year,” she added.



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