Today, the recovery looks to be in Sochi through the eyes of our tourists


Starting in July, thousands of tourists arrive in the Krasnodar Region with all available modes of transport. Most of the course aircraft: регуляркой and чартерами tour operators.

All of the “five” on the coast, booked in and redeemed for a couple of weeks after the front. Actually surprising that in July-August, places in the Elite accommodation is missing is a traditional pattern of the last few years.

Yes, it is very expensive, sometimes prohibitively expensive.

But first, there are many Hotels built for the 2014 winter games, is a little — deficiency occurs naturally.

Secondly, entrepreneurs, artists, civil servants and those who look to him, ordered, shut down the way to foreign holiday resorts on the Mediterranean sea. Perspectives wait is not very much, the summer is in full swing here and take your family, wives, children, parents, and forward, to the sun, кипарисам, fresh healing air. Now, because of the Service you want to the usual, stable, qualitative, and who would not? and then Хайяты”,” Пульманы”,” Редиссоны “and” Свиссотели select “on”. Artists who worked in Sochi, and now rest there.

Now, by the way, 10 days in the “Velvet seasons” 3* with Breakfast cost our friends as much as the Tour in Turkey, in Antalya 4* Hotel with meals “all Inclusive” on the may holidays. In any case, tour operators offer exactly this focus on alternatives to the frustrated traveling abroad , due to the Coronavirus.

Here is the answer to a different question: who is vacationing in Sochi, and why not a room in the hotel, even if you you directly.

In the absence of foreign product-tour operator “went” in Russia, even those who have never worked with the domestic турпродуктом. Only here to sell vacation packages for new tourists yet not really. That’s because thousands of those still in February, so before the crisis, bought after the share “early bird” holiday in Turkey and Greece, Cyprus and Tunisia. With you, something must be done, here are a tour operator and offer you an Alternative replacement for the Russian resorts. Thus, the tourist is not started, money on canceled trips, and immediately.

The same applies to the adherence to hygiene measures, and the authorities demand a lot: the wearing of masks everywhere, to the observance of the distance between relatives, no one observed.

Almost the whole day, never-ending stream of vacationers moves to the dense rows in the direction of the sea. Him exactly the same — to their Hotels and apartments. Who sleep is that these colored, in order not to get lost, the way out of the “Sochi Park”. On the beach — everything like in the old Soviet photos and movies.

On the pebble beach of the coverage of the rule, without the distances and the distances of the scattered towels, floor mats, things. People lie, sit and stand, literally, in a half a Meter away from each other. And all of course without the masks.

Conclusion: in the mode of “increased readiness” in the Krasnodar Region, almost no one keeps. But, in contrast to the previous months, which could not be followed particularly.

According to Hoteliers, the number of tourists in Sochi in line with the figures for the previous year, that is, until the middle of July came close to a Million people.

Today, 13 July, in Sochi and the surroundings, the promise of +26°C. high probability of rain and thunderstorms. Apparently, because of this, local meteorologists, storm announced warning. TURIZM.RU

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