Ticket for “Aeroexpress” for a ruble

From 2016, the passengers of the “Aeroexpress” to be able to earn points, and you pay Tickets for aeroexpresse, reports a press-service of the company.

To be eligible, a passenger must: register on the site www.aeroexpress.ru confirm the phone number via SMS and you to fill out a questionnaire on the Website (on request).

For each purchase via the Website “Аэроэкпресс” on the personal account of the passenger to accumulate points. For the purchase of the Tickets in the tariff “Standard” calculated 50 points, the tariff “Business” or “there and Back”- 100 points.
With regular trips to the trains of Aeroexpress and the purchase of Tickets via the web site points to your personal area to accumulate, then the passenger can purchase Tickets at a special price.

So, if you are in your personal area accumulated 200 points, the Ticket in the class of “Standard” costs 50% cheaper, and if the 450 points, a ruble. Today, the price of “Standard” fare is 470 euros when buying at the cash register and Terminal, or 420 euros when buying via the Mobile App or website.

For the Business class terms and conditions Loyalty programs an advantage. So, once in your personal area on the Website “Aeroexpress” 400 points, Ticket purchase class “Business”, you can for 500 rubles (current Ticket without participation in the loyalty program – 1000 rubles), and with the accumulation of 900 points to buy your Ticket in the Business-class only a ruble.