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Versatile, original, colorful, inspiring, with a friendly, distant and at the same time, close to Vietnam. There are no such words, which contained all the diversity and the uniqueness of this country. We offer the distraction from everyday life and immerse yourself in the world of Vietnam, explore the possibilities of the direction, meet with exclusive products and hotel room Basis. And to help us in this tour operators ANEX-Tour.

From the 14. 22. the company has a press Tour in Vietnam for the Russian travel journalists and bloggers. Results, experiences and useful information from this trip to share in our Material.


The level of operation while the drive is essential, and this depends mostly then, with what impressions tourists get home and again want to come back. As is known, the journey begins with the landing on the plane. Flight schedule ANEX Tour in Vietnam, carried out from the 31 city of Russia on the pages of the airline air AZUR, Pegas fly, and Vietnam Airlines. Note that the AZUR air opened the Online registration for your flights to 24 cities. Tourists can also enjoy the benefits of the selection of the seats in the airplane, and the possibility of quick Passage, without queues at the airport.

Guides company ANEX Tour to accompany the traveler during the journey not only during the excursions but also at the airport and in the Hotel. The Tourist can always get all the necessary information about the country and contact the employees of the operator for each question. Leaders of society live in Vietnam for a year, specially trained, good to know, the product, i.e. in the fact that the familiarity with the country will be informative and interesting, you can not doubt.


Journey through Vietnam takes place on brands and comfortable buses ANEX-Tour.

“I loved the attitude and care on the part of the organizers to the quality and comfort of this Tour. It is visible that the tour operator tries to move with the times and always an open ear for their customers. So, program, trips always has been, according to weather and other conditions “on Board” Bus worked fast Internet and specially selected melodic Tracks убаюкивали during the long trips between cities. Separately, I note that on the excursions told us only the most interesting, so we have no time, tired, wanted to watch another and another one!”,- shares impressions of the trip with ANEX travel Blogger Nina Охотина.

Although the operator works at the direction of the relatively new, the company has managed to significantly to strengthen their Position. In the past season, ANEX served in Vietnam, about 100 thousand Russian tourists, and according to the results of this season, it is planned to take around 160-180 thousand people.

Also, the operator added to the ruler offers in Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh city. Here, waiting for tourists saturated excursions, nightlife, exotic cuisine, elegant and Budget Hotels. Flight to Ho-Chi-Minh is from Moscow 3 times a month on flights of the airline air AZUR.

Vietnam Tour

Vietnam is not only a beach resort. The history, the culture, the traditions of the country are so extensive and varied, what to see and to understand everything in the context of a journey is simply impossible. In the range of ANEX-Tour presents more than 50 tours in Vietnam. Offer yourself with the exclusive and most in demand products.

One of the most interesting places in Vietnam – beautiful mountain-top town of Dalat. During the Tour, tourists will полюбуются stunning waterfalls, checking electric slide, capable of riding on elephants and ostriches, visit an unusual Hotel – “Crazy house”, понаблюдают for the process of embroidery on silk.

The way in Dalat is located in very beautiful surroundings


“Crazy House”

Embroidery Vietnamese master is a work of art

Visit here you just need to get unforgettable impressions. Fans of comfortable travel ANEX Tour offers an exclusive Tour of “Express-Dalat” for small groups to 6-11 persons. It is important that the tourists are able to see all of the places in the city that are not part of the Standard packages.

A virtual Tour through excursions

Also an exclusive product of the company – “legends of Vietnam” (da Nang – Hue – Hoi an). The most visited on this Tour, from under the protection of UNESCO.

A unique journey in the province of DAK LAK, without a doubt, allows you to add new bright colors in the perception of the country. The acquaintance with the culture of the local population, the crossing of the lake of paint on elephants riding on the wooden canoe is unforgettable.

Also popular are the two-day excursion in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city). The tourists to see the war Museum, take a walk on the ship, you know the process of manufacture of coconut sweets, try a local delicacy – fish “elephant ear”, to visit the snake farm.

In addition, customers have ANEX-Tour there is the possibility to combine a visit to Vietnam with a trip to Cambodia. The excursion is carried out with the help of an internal flight from Nha Trang and MUI ne. The first Route flight Nha Trang – Ho Chi Minh city – Siem Reap. The second way to Cambodia, MUI ne, move to MUI ne – Saigon on a, then domestic flight from Ho Chi Minh city – Siem Reap. Duration: 2 days and 1 night.

More about the Sightseeing-offers operators in Vietnam, you can here.


Vietnam is ready to provide a wide range of Hotels from 2 to 5*. According to the statistics of ANEX-Tour, which is about 80% of the tourists opt for a holiday in Nha Trang, where there is a great selection of Budget accommodation, 15% of the travelers in MUI ne.

Nha Trang – Universal-direction, which is able to meet the needs of different types of customers. And families, tourists and youth, the companies find here something for everyone.

Today we will take a closer look at the underlying Hotels ANEX Tour in Nha Trang.


The Hotel is located 11 km South from the city center of Nha Trang’s seafront, in a secluded Bay, just a 25-minute drive from the airport of Cam Ranh.

The Hotel provides guests with 340 rooms, 2 Restaurants, 8 Bars, 4 conference rooms (10-500 people). The Hotel has multilingual staff. Deposit at Check-in their passport or $200.

In addition, only a 9-minute drive from the Hotel will take you to the mudbaths 100 Eggs Mud Bath. Up to Nha Trang and tourists can be reached with the free Bus, which runs 5 times a day.

Virtual Tour of the Hotel.


The Hotel is located on a secluded beach Bai Dai, directly on the sea, 11 km from the airport of Cam Ranh. The Hotel opened in the year 2015. Here of 70 rooms, located on the grounds of the hotel are the villas and 8 two-storey cottages-7 bedrooms (4 above + 3 below). All holiday homes feature a private Pool.

Check-in takes a Deposit of $ 100 per Person, for the payment of the services of the hotel. Here tourists can visit the Massage Salon, the incumbent at the Hotel. There is also the possibility, a variety of water sports and diving. In Nha Trang from the Hotel 3-4 times daily drives a Shuttle-Bass.

On the territory of the hotel is really find a relaxed atmosphere, and the large sandy beach secluded beach enjoyed by the most demanding customers. In the future, the possibility of transition of the Hotels on the System All Inclusive.

RIVIERA BEACH RESORT & SPA know, as it is right for the guests to meet

Virtual Tour of the Hotel
Those who front accommodation in Nha Trang, can you recommend a Hotel BAVICO NHA TRANG HOTEL 4* . It is located on the second coast, only 350 m from the beach. The Hotel opened in the year 2015, here 270 rooms.

Virtual Tour of the Hotel.

Read more about the specifics of the vacation in Nha Trang you can find out by the recording of the webinar ANEX-Tour.

Of course, in this article we have touched only a small part of the possibilities, the leisure time in the country. Follow the next publications, TRN and learn more. Vietnam is a place that you can explore is infinite, it may not be forgotten, and where we want to come back again.