There are chances for the A380, in the air, the passengers get off, after the opening of the flight route

Today, alas, the A380 lost its attractiveness, since the airlines prefer more effective twin-engined machines, such as the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350. The Situation reached that Airbus announced last year, as he is always the production of the A380 completed. And pandemic Coronavirus final приземлила thousands of aircraft of this model on the whole world.

Is there a future for the giants, or the airline you prefer him to be an effective and economical Liner? In the output, the experts of The Points Guy was.

1. Air France

The number of A380 in the fleet: 0

Despite the fact that the headquarters of Air France is located in the same country as the manufacturer of Airbus, it never was not a Fan of the A380. Air France planned to bring its A380 fleet from operation until 2022, but recently it’s become clear that the biggest airplane will never fly , under blue-white-red flag. Air France immediately of the operation, brought in its entire fleet of 9 aircraft, the A380.

2. ANA

The number of A380 in the fleet: 2, and 1 is already reserved

It is safe to say that ANA never wanted the customer to be of the A380, but the Plan’s acquisition of the bankrupt airline Skymark included the acceptance of the order on three new A380. ANA-baptized this aircraft such as the Sea turtle — sea turtle — and graced the planes with the blue, green and orange ливреями. The plane was the only application route between Tokyo and Honolulu, popular and competitive tourist Route..

In view of the strong competition in the line between Tokyo and Hawaii with Гавайскими Airlines, United, Delta, JAL and Korean Air, these huge aircraft are difficult to fill, especially in terms of depressed demand. However, it will be some time we see “turtles” in the air, though the airline needs to work hard to make a profit.

3. Asiana Airlines

The number of A380 in the fleet: 6

Six A380 Asiana is the only aircraft in the Park of the Carrier, the Salon of the first class. But already in the last year Asiana ceased to sell the first class and withdrew from private suites product, Business class, to reduce the cost. The carrier was in неважном of the financial situation and the pandemic Coronavirus, experience problems with filling their A380-H. you have twice replaced daily on a Premium-directions — New York and Los Angeles and gradually A350 smaller capacity.

“Asian” A380 only four to six years, so that early retirement is not cheap. However, it is allowed, Asiana optimize their crews and maintenance, to long-term savings.

4. British Airways

The number of A380 in fleet: 12

British Airways does not create individual product under their 12 A380 and used them, together with the Boeing 777, 747s and the 787. But there is an important reason why the carrier is likely to keep your A380 — its capacity.

London Heathrow, one of the busiest airports in the world, and receive an additional Slot, or the Route is almost impossible. So a real incentive for larger aircraft to operate, just like the A380. In the case of British Airways, there are many aging 747 and 777-x, and, if so, keep track of to reduce and to optimize straight through you, and not the A380.

5. China Southern Airlines

The number of A380 in the fleet: 5

China Southern already is the largest airline in China. She manages to manage huge Boeing 747 and 777 on двухчасовых domestic flights to meet the demand. And when you consider that the Chinese aviation market will recover faster and grow longer than the Western countries, the A380 would be a practical solution. China Southern is the only one in the world, the A380 flying at the Moment.

6. Emirates

The number of A380 in the fleet: 115

The share of Emirates since the inception of the Liner had to be 50% of all orders the A380. Actually, it is the decision of the Emirates order has not to a larger number of A380 at the air show in Dubai in the year 2019, finally, was a harbinger for the end of a production line of the A380. Instead, Emirates ‘ A350 and Boeing 787 on order.

115 aircraft, the Emirates A380 make up nearly half of the Park of the airline. Nevertheless, 25 March, they stopped the flights on their fleet of double-Decker aircraft due to the limitations of the government in the response to the pandemic COVID-19.

Massive decommissioning A380 expected in the year 2023, when Emirates begins, you will receive your 50 copies of the a350s and 30 Boeing 787.

7. Etihad

The number of A380 in the fleet: 10

Etihad for many years сорит money, and the annual losses amount to billions of dollars. Abu-Dhabi-based carrier the whole time, struggled to find a niche for its A380, consistently, the change in the map of the route.

Although the A380 does not make financial sense for Etihad, he is unlikely to get rid of them. Etihad was the first airline that introduced the single-variant Salon A380 Apartments with breathtaking first class, in addition to Ultra-private three-bedroom residence is one of the most exclusive and most expensive in commercial air travel. The loss of the A380 a huge impact on the reputation of the carrier would have caused. However, Etihad recently moved in with the sale of Tickets of the first class of the A380, suggesting that these airplanes for a while not flying.

8. Korean Air

The number of A380 in the fleet: 10

Korean Air has many long-capacities due to its Боингам 747-8, 777 and 787, A380, however, remain in the Park. Korean and Delta are actively working on the extension of the TRANS-Pacific Joint Venture with Delta derives most of its shipments in Asia in Seoul by Korean Air. This кодшеринг creates a demand for large aircraft such as the A380. While Korean Air is in a difficult financial Situation, but because it is quite see, is the rejection of the aircraft, to reduce the cost.

9. Lufthansa

The number of A380 in the fleet: 8

Lufthansa was one of the first airlines to start non-operating huge aircraft, for ever parting with six of its 14 A380. Now a serious question: whether to fly the remaining eight? While you are “parked” at least until the year 2022 and only then, if the demand at major destinations such as New York and Hong Kong, significantly increase.

10. Qantas

The number of A380 in fleet: 12

Qantas already to the beginning of your fleet to reduce, by this year “in retirement” of their 747-e. A380 aircraft will be used almost exclusively for flying in the USA and London via Singapore, but also for several seasonal routes to Asia. While the A380 showed up pretty well on these routes, but you can a lot of in the foreseeable future.

Notice in the last week about the “Plan of reconstruction after the Coronavirus”, CEO of Qantas, Alan Joyce, told reporters that the airline will stop A380 flights until at least mid-year 2023, by clicking on the preserve in the Mojave desert.

A380, the only plane in the Park Qantas, the Salon of the first class, which means that Qantas doesn’t offer first class for at least the next three years.

11. Qatar Airways

The number of A380 in the fleet: 10

Qatar Airways is basically flying on the A380 in Asia, Europe and Australia, but due to the fact that the demand is not sufficient, for most of these routes the aircraft better suited for smaller-capacity Boeing 777, 787 and A350.

Qatar Airways took the decision that use of their 10 A380, and you do not return, at least for a year, maybe never. And since the concept of the carrier to keep their fleet young and fresh, the days of the A380 in Doha are counted can.

12. Thai Airways

The number of A380 in the fleet: 6

Thai Airways for many years, is in a difficult financial situation, with all the forces will try, the loyalty, or get a price advantage on a crowded Asian market. In the case of the limited long-haul routes and intense competition from the airlines “Thai Airways” did not succeed. All of this points to the impending rejection of the A380, especially as Thais continue to take delivery of the Boeing 787 and the A350, the more effective and маневрены. TURIZM.RU

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