The two dozen Tour companies banned in Russia work from Turkey

Rosturizm excluded from the register a number of companies companies with Turkish partners. It is about 19 юрлицах, including corporate groups, “Pegas”, “outbuildings” and “Coral travel”, reports on Wednesday, 30. December, TASS, in the possession of the mission of the Agency.

The decision, in force since 1. January 2016. It is usual, in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on application of special economic measures in relation to Turkey and the determination of the government, which prohibits certain types of work organizations, controlled citizens of the Republic, and organisations under its jurisdiction.

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In the list of excluded goods, more than a dozen companies of the group “Pegasus”, including the branches in Kazan, Ufa, Samara, Yekaterinburg, perm, and Khabarovsk. In addition, rosturizm struck from the registry of the society with limited liability “Анэкс regions”, “Anex Tour, Moscow”, “Coral travel”, “Бентур Moscow” and “Sanmar Tour”.

According to the Russian legislation, from the registry of the society are not able to tourist activity on the territory of Russia.

At the same time, as said the General Director of “Pegas” Anna Подгорная, “to the tourists is not compromised in any way,” she emphasised, that the company has to travel examines the reasons for the exception of the registration of legal persons and tried, then necessary measures. “It is possible, up to rostourism is not reached, some documents, if so, we will in addition conduct,” she said.

28. February has the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the decree about application of special economic measures against Turkey. According to the document, tour operators should refrain from the realization of Russian citizens tours, the visit of the Turkish Republic.

The Russian-Turkish relations have worsened after the Turkish air force 24. November shot down participation in the Operation in Syria Bomber su-24 of the Russian Ministry of defense. Putin, commenting on the destruction of the aircraft, promised that the serious consequences for relations between Moscow and Ankara, adding that the authorities in Turkey do not “rise tomatoes, or any restrictions in the construction and other industries”.