The tent of the missing group Dyatlov Tourist died

In Yekaterinburg, on the 85-m to year of life Michael Шаравин died. In 1959, he for the first time, the empty tent of a tourist group Dyatlov discovered. On this Portal head of the дятловского Foundation Yuri Kuntsevich.

He pointed out that the former Tourist Шаравин died on April 8. July. Because of the Coronavirus-the ceremony of farewell with him a few people were. About the place of burial of his family members in the Fund is not yet reported.

Exactly Шаравин together with Boris Слоцовым the first cut were thrown in and the tent on the slope of the mountain Холатчахль. 29. February to 4. In March, he participated in the search for the missing group under strange circumstances. With his help, discovered the first five bodies of the dead tourists.

Then Шаравин actively participated in the activities of the Foundation for the remembrance of group Dyatlov. He defended the Version, that was the cause for the death of the tourist, the Test of a new type of weapon.

Previously, the General Prosecutor’s office reported that the tourist died because of avalanches. The Department said that the group was not able to leave due to the poor visibility of the tent. The attempt to return to the camp, chilled to the tourist death — the temperature at the Pass was 40-45 degrees below zero.

To be named in honor of the deceased group Pass in the Northern Urals. 60 years ago under unexplained circumstances, nine skiers Tourist Club Ural Polytechnic Institute died under the leadership of Igor Dyatlov. According to official data, the forensics, most of them froze to death, but some have been with the most severe injuries that caused the death.

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