The Stewardess opened the advantage before our morning flights

Stewardess, пожелавшая to remain anonymous, advised passengers to choose early morning flights, since you can be safer. About the benefits of the early flights before the night you told in the Forum of Reddit, reports The Sun.

So, after the insurance of the flight attendants, interior thoroughly cleaned, in the night, when a whole Team of cleaning rubs all the chairs and tables, surface-disinfected and washed toilets. Therefore, says the flight attendant, to fly in the early hours of the morning.

She also added that in any airline there are between cleaning and daily flights, but the members of the Crew run a hurry — it is limited in the fact that you throw in the trash and combed.

However, as the authors of the material, to clarify, during the pandemic Coronavirus recourse many carriers on a careful cleaning and disinfection of the cabin after each flight.

Earlier in April, the Russian Pilot of the Airbus, the probability of infection with novel Corona-Virus was estimated when traveling by plane. According to him, the risk of catching an infection is very low, with the exception of those cases, if the ill passenger is on a chair — in such a Situation in the Zone of potential danger of those who sits in the same row with him, and in two rows in front of and behind him.

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