The ski resort of Sakhalin broke the record

RIA Novosti

Sports and tourist complex “mountain air” on Sakhalin broke his own record for participation by for the Christmas holidays 91 thousand man, about it reports a press-service of the government of the Sakhalin region.

“In only a few weekend here was 91 thousand people. This is a third more than in the previous years. In one of the last days the complex has a 22 thousands of tourists,” writes the press office.

How to add office, under the tourists — inhabitants of Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Tver and Moscow. It is reported that this number of vacationers “mountain air” is not technically was ready, resulting in long queues at the tills, frequent disturbances in the automation. On behalf of the Governor of the Region Oleg kozhemyako, the question with the acquisition of Tickets in a short period of time to be solved, in complex organized a free Parking lot at the cable car started to go to the buses.

Earlier, it was approved creating the territory of the accelerated development on the Basis of the complex. THOR “mountain air” includes the transfer, in the years 2016-2018 five cable cars with a total length of 10 km and 25 km of slopes in total with the already existing on the territory of the complex in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, about 45 kilometres. Furthermore, the construction of the tourist infrastructure: Ski village, Hotels and Restaurants. In the first stage of the project wish to invest 2.9 billion euros. The construction of the Alpine infrastructure is limited to the winter Olympic games in 2018 — so, to Sakhalin in the location, also a centre for the training of the Russian national team to play.