The safest countries for travel in the year 2020

Qatar called the safest country in the world for travel in the year 2020. The data from the analysis service provided by Numbeo, the statistics of the crimes of the various States compare. The full report is published on the official Website of the organization.

Thus, according to the report, the index of crime in Qatar to 11.9 points, and the index of security of 88.1 points. On the second place in the ranking, in the opinion of experts, was Taiwan, where the index of the security 84,7 corresponds to, and the UAE (84,5) and Georgia (79,5) followed.

Also in the Top-10 came in Oman (79,4), Hong Kong (79.1 in), Slovenia (79), Isle of man (78.7 in), Switzerland (78,4) and Japan (78,3).

Earlier in the same rank list of the most dangerous countries for travel in relation to crime in the year 2020 are listed. Among them, Venezuela (Crime index 84,36), Papua-new Guinea (80), South Africa (77,3) and Afghanistan (76,9) were.

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