The Russians on the plans for the New year

Surveys found plans of the Russians on the New year. Go to meet you, a holiday abroad, intend, only about 1% of our countrymen.

Traditionally, the majority of respondents (77%) plan to celebrate the New year at home. Every tenth (11%) goes to the guests. In a Restaurant or Club, go to 2% of the respondents. Holiday homes and villas pensions in the Winter are not as popular destination for the holiday: only 2% and 1% of respondents celebrate the New year.

Travel vouchers for the upcoming feast as a gift want to get 6% of Russians. Here is the shortlist of the most coveted gifts to guide the money (11%), 7% would like to have under the Christmas tree Souvenirs and so much (7%) – Auto. Give, as before, to go in the first place, Souvenirs – 28% (however, the popularity of these kind of gifts is reduced for the second year in a row, with 42% in 2013), sweets, and alcohol (24%), and toys (22%), perfume, cosmetics and jewelry (15% ).

The world’s largest event of the year 2015 43% of Russians believe that the war in Syria. The conflict of Russia with Turkey, 26% of the respondents identified the most important international event, a 12% Russian. Also the resonance phenomena across the country for our fellow citizens was the death of a Russian airliner over Egypt (11%), crisis, Inflation, and the fall of the ruble (10%)

In the TOP 3 world’s events also included the military conflict in Ukraine, the crisis in Greece and the attacks in Paris.

The survey carried out in 19-20. December 2015 Interviewed 1600 people in 130 localities in 46 regions, regions and republics of Russia.