The Russians ignored Beach “all inclusive” for the New year with the family


The majority of Russians still believe, the New year family holiday. 58 percent do not collect suitcases and to run to the Frost on the search for a bathing suit. You prefer to do, the home, the go to visit friends or time to devote to love. Width of Russian soul, finally, also requires free time.

And after the closure of cheap foreign Resorts, the Russians, and in General rather limited vacations to the far reaches of the home.

After the tragedy with Boeing “Kogalymavia” at Sinai, parched caravan Russian documents, питавший the tourism industry in Egypt. After happened of betrayal on the part of the “friendly” Turkey. And here is a pre-Antalya and Bodrum did not hear the Russian language. Elena is also decided: now in the middle East, not with the foot.

The list of preferences can and to govern, because, in Europe, the tourists can expect dangers. Banned in the Russian Federation “Islamic state” threatened acts of terrorism on the eve of the New year, with several European capitals.

Alternative Russian tourists forbidden variants загранпоездок almost found, says the statistics. The Russian tourists became increasingly interested in Thailand. In the last months of searches rose significantly. Beach lover’s watch, India and Vietnam. More attractive for the citizens of steel look like United Arab Emirates.

However, as the statistics show, the Turkey was not so easy to forget. Lost his place in the Top three of the most popular Russian tourists countries, it is still securely holds the fifth Position.

And yet, authorities claim, in the home, there is something to see, so that the citizens have not lost much by the rejection of overseas trips. Budget-subsidization of air services in the next year will be closer in the far East and in Kaliningrad, say the tour operators. And hardly anything happens, the direction of the South. Of the Crimea is already now warn you: many Hotels pensions have already been filled.