The Russians can sway the European Resorts on the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin


On the tourist map of Russia were two of the very most sought-after destinations. It Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. This year, there are as always many lovers of active winter holidays. It turned out that the out-cheaper than abroad, and the selection of entertainment is also wider, from skiing to tour on the volcanoes.

The European Resort this year, Maria Good to miss out on Sakhalin. Usually new year’s eve vacation family spent on foreign hillsides, or in warm countries. But this time is the rate of the Euro has the plans. Flight for the 9 thousand kilometers was cheaper, than the trip from Moscow to Europe.

“The same ski pass here costs much cheaper, says the inhabitant of Moscow Maria of the Good. — To five-year old child, we rented a Trainer. For this amount, we may not be able to hire a coach in Europe — in Switzerland or the Alps. There is not even подступишься”.

Only in December the ski slopes Sakhalin tested hundreds of tourists. The quality of the ski slopes, in the opinion of the visitors on the island, excellent. Despite the limited rainfall, snow on the mountain Bolshevik enough — the special weapons work.

This Winter сахалинцы take guests not only from the far East, but also from all over Russia, including from Moscow and St. Petersburg. “Come to us mostly from St. Petersburg, Moscow, cities of the far East, says Ivan Shevchenko, a leading consultant to the Department of tourism of the Ministry for Sport, tourism and youth policy of the Sakhalin region. Often go in the company of people in Vladivostok or Khabarovsk. Mostly there are young people in the age from 20 till 35 years”.

Rooms in the mountain slopes Hotels booked on all holidays. And the owner of the hotel, where earlier were mostly businessmen and the Oilers are among the new guests, Fans of Budget-Ski-vacation. For example, organise ski rental.

“We переориентируемся on tourists, tells Marina starowojtowa, Deputy Director of the Hotels in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. — Unfortunately, only for skiers. Unfortunately — because in the summer the tourists not much. That is, in the Winter it is Yes! Hooray, we will be driving the whole far East!”

Still there is a demand, the direction in which the inhabitants of Russia, the Kuril Islands. From the conversation here cater to tourists on Winter-fishing and hunting, bathing in the hot springs and trip to the volcanoes.

There are on the island of Sakhalin and therapeutic tourism. Among the inhabitants and guests of the island capital is particularly popular sinegorskie bottled water, widely used in medicine. In the foreseeable future, a Sanatorium is going to expand, build new Spa complex, mud and Mineral Pools.

“”Hurrah” we treat all cardiovascular disease, the entire gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, says Victor Шляхов, chief physician of the sanatorium “sinegorskie mineral water”. And today, to drive us сахалинцы and курильчане, all the inhabitants of the far East. But with the mainland also come to us”.

Tours on Sakhalin and Курилам now organize the two island operators. In the Winter-program — fishing, skiing, Snowmobiling and even horseback riding on the dog sled. Breeding cross-country rock on the island is involved in several nurseries.

If in the last year in this remote corner of Russia was a little more than 30 thousand tourists, which in this came is already more than two hundred thousand people! With the next 2016 Region is the area of accelerated development. It is a modern infrastructure and developing new tourist routes. And already in the year 2020, according to the forecasts of experts, on the island of Sakhalin, about a Million travellers.