The Russian tourists will be offered to celebrate the New year on the border of three countries

The authorities of the Chinese city of Hunchun proposed to the Russian tourists to celebrate the New year on the border of Russia, North Korea and China. As reported the Portal ЕНВ in the festivities will be present, the guests from all three countries.

It will be noticed that in the program of the celebration planned are concerts, creative competitions, fireworks, fishing, meeting dawn, and the ceremony of hoisting the flags.

The organizers of the festival were Ministry of tourism of Jilin province and the people’s government of the city of Hunchun. It is clear that the last new year’s eve at the border of the three States met about thousands of tourists.

In February 2015 it was reported that China is planning an international tourism Zone on the border with Russia and North Korea. The Cluster will include a part of the Chinese city of Hunchun. In doing so, it is an area of 10 square kilometers on the terrain of the individual participants. The tourist Zone extends along the river Foggy.