The Russian resorts are preparing to meet the rising demand

To fly price comparison Service to tours.Roux analyzed the demand for destinations in the “velvet” season. Resorts of southern Russia belong to the Top TEN of the most sought after holiday destinations in August-September 2016.

TOP 10 most popular countries in the “velvet” season is beginning in Greece. In this direction, 13% of the searches had to go on tours in August, to fly to the users of all the Services.PN. Just below to 12% of all searches – the demand for holidays in Turkey and Tunisia. In September, the first three of the most popular destinations remains unchanged, in every country 12% of search queries relate to package holidays departing in the first month of autumn. In the TOP 10 of the most popular countries are Spain (9% of all searches), Cyprus (8%), Thailand, and Bulgaria (7%).

The Russian health resorts in this year, are not stable targets, are among the ten most sought-after travel. On our country 7% of search queries relate to tours in August and 5% on tours in September. A year ago the demand for holidays in Russia is in the “velvet” season is not more than 3% of the requests. Growing interest in domestic tourism, primarily associated with the closure of two of the most sought-after destinations – Egypt and Turkey – patriotism of the citizens, the improvement of the otelnoy the bases in the South of the country and the devaluation of the ruble, повлекшим more expensive holiday abroad.

The most popular Russian resort of Crimea. In the “velvet” season in 2015 on the Crimean Resorts, more than 60% of all search queries of users, the specific places accounted for the recovery in Russia. This year, demand grew by up to 73 percent of searches in August and 81% in September. Holidays in the Krasnodar Region, including Sochi, on the contrary, is losing ground. In August 2015, the resort 30% of the search queries of users of the services accounted for to fly.Roux, choice-specific Spa resorts in Russia, in September, their number was reduced to 24%. This year, the demand is distributed as follows: 25% of all search queries on the Tours through Russia in August and 12% in September.

“Now we see more low deep reservation system on “Velvet” season, the tourists expect that the prices for Turkey and the European spas. It is against the background of the current economic Situation, this year the demand for holidays is growing in Russia. A lot of tourists holiday is already planned in August-September, and in the absence of Low-Cost tours abroad, the domestic resorts can be a cost-effective Alternative for you. At the same time, the improvement of the tourist infrastructure in the South of Russia, which, undoubtedly, attracts vacationers,” – says the Director of the management company to fly.Roux, Eugene Danilovich.

“Throughout the summer, Russia takes a leading Position and is in the TOP 5 Sales coupons. The demand for this direction is at a high level until the end of the season. Sales decline, obviously, in the Winter is to be expected, when the flow of tourists lens to shrink due to the geographical location of our Resorts,” – says the Director of the Association “the Association of tour operators in Outbound tourism “Turpomosch”,” Alexander Osaulenko.

Statistics prepared on the basis of searches, the fly, with all the Services.Roux with 1 to 25. July 2016, a Tour for two adults, for 7 to 14 days, departing from any city in Russia.

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