The results of the tourist season in Russia

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Rosturizm summed up the work results for the first nine months of the year in 2015. The main result is that the people who less go abroad, but you have to stop by the country. According to rostourism, in the first nine months compared to the same period of the year 2014 visit to the flow of tourists fell by 20% (about 27.5 million trips).

According to the CEO of the Association of tour operators of Russia (Ator) Maya Lomidze, the demand on the tourism sector, contrary to the forecasts, rose from 30% to 10-15%. So not justified plans on the fact that the reduction of Outbound tourism will lead to an increase in tourism inside, when the Russians again, the forces in his country.

In the conception of the long-term socio-economic development of the country by the year 2020, tourism is considered an important Element of the innovative development. And the lion’s share of the GDP in the modern economy of the developed countries to bring services, among which not the last role plays and the tourism as Transport and accommodation options and industry — metallurgy, mechanical engineering, construction.

Among other things, tourism is to promote the development of modern electronic services, such as services for the booking of Tickets, Hotels and suites, the search for fellow travelers, and much more. On average, the tourism takes in the order of magnitude of 10% of the GDP in the developed countries, in Russia about 1.5%. That said, there is potential for growth. But this year shows that the inexhaustible potential that we have not yet learned to enjoy.

So, the growth of the Incoming tourist traffic prevents the bureaucracy (Hard Visa Regime, including the countries like Iran and India, the strategic Partner, Russia). In 2016, experts expect that the state will unfold the Face-to-въездным tour. In addition, from the Russian Hotels the tourists discourages the greed of their owners. As soon as the Crimea and the Krasnodar Hoteliers recognize that Egypt and Turkey are closed, inflated prices for the next season, on 30-50%.

Yes, and to be honest, it lacks the infrastructure, in particular Hotels and catering. To revive, is the direction in the state Duma a draft bill for a reduction of the administrative barriers in obtaining permissions for the placement of road Service.

Today’s edition of the forestry code requires the owner of the roads, cafes, Hotels and other objects, the spending, the forest areas in the earth, in other categories. Usually, this results in multi-year agreement. Changes offer considerably simplify this procedure, the strong impetus for the development of tourism, but as long as the bill stalled under pressure from environmental public.Environmentalists to death to stand against the plans of the development of Resorts in the numerous national parks of Russia.

We will remind, the national Park is a nature reserve, one of the tasks — rest and relaxation. But the “green” to motivate her protests of the fact, that the suffering, the conservation of the earth and the Red Book animals. In particular, such Situation in the area of Sochi, where the Olympic games remained a solid Basis for the development of the Alpine tourism.

As practice shows, is tourism (more precisely, the income from this activity), you can to properly maintain the protected earth. In the same Sochi, namely, the administration Resorts to “Gazprom” зарыбляет streams, fry a rare species of the black sea salmon. If it wasn’t for the economy, with краснокнижной fish Russia should adopt. Tourism could be a source of income for the implementation of the природозащитных events domestic companies in connection with the local communities. But in fact, environmentalists put the spokes in the wheel of the post-industrial from the industry domestic tourism.