The Region of the forest in the current new year season is expected to be at least 80 thousand guests

MINSK, 3. January. /Corr. TASS Larissa kljuchnikova/. The Region of the forest in the current new year season is expected to be at least 80 thousand guests, especially given the fact that since June last year, began the visa-free entry to Bialowieza by a checkpoint “Переров”. As they say in the staff of the forest, is since 1. January the stream of tourists is especially high, and by the inhabitants of Russia, the already traditional their new year’s eve weekend to spend in Belarus.

A popular place to visit, adults and children in Winter – the property (place of residence) Belarusian Santa Claus. It was open, which in the primeval forest of Bialowieza in December 2003, and since that time visited, approximately half a Million tourists from 70 countries of the world. In the property there is the house of Santa Claus with тронным gym, Terem snow maiden – Скарбница, where are the valuable treasures – letters, drawings and gifts for the children, the magic mill that turns bad deeds into dust and Sand, the glade of Twelve months, the Living Christmas tree, the Allee of the characters of the Eastern calendar, “hut of Santa Claus”, where one of the specialties of the Belarusian cuisine.

It stands Santa Claus, not less, popular enough, a new object – Museum of vintage technology. It is located in the heart of the forests on the farm Перерово. If it is forestry, with stables, garages and a house that was once home to the Forester. On the Foundation disappeared, the house of the Forester, and was built in the Museum, in which the authors of the ideas have tried to live the life of a typical пущанца the second half of the XIX century. “The exhibits for the Museum, wanted to surrounding villages, in which in the attics of the houses of the present inhabitants – I have a lot of authentic things,” said the hostess of the Museum svetlana Кобылкевич.

In the Museum you will see the tools that were used when the male and female work – pair – satchel from bark and woven straw, barrels and vats, Stupa, Vintage homemade ice skates. In the space, abstracted from female crafts, weaving loom, in a quiet corner – bunk-bed near the stove, baby seat, which is hung on the ceiling. Here, embroidered towels, woven blankets.

In the heart of the forest is a Museum complex under the open sky. In order to completely new пущанский life here, and budget. In addition to chickens, in the Museum of still life goats, sheep and rabbits. But the most popular for adult tourists is the device for the production of “drink пущанского Original”. The national Park “the area of a forest,” is in a very tight circle of legal persons who are officially allowed to produce and sell moonshine. For its production, here is the cost of the device, for its size, is more like a Mini-plant. The hostess of the Museum complex tells that the manufacturing of the beverage, the forest lends itself very seriously. The product is certified according to the quality and safety for the health and is in strict accordance with the technical instructions.

The Region the forest is located in the South-West of the Republic of Belarus in the Grodno and Brest areas. The area of the national Park is about 120 000 ha. The Bialowieza forest is the border between Belarus and Poland. In 1992, UNESCO decision of the state National Park “the area of a forest,” in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage.

From mid-June 2015 on its territory mode for visa-free travel. Foreign citizens, which National Park to visit can be on its territory without a visa for up to three days.