The operators do good works

TUI Russia is to the children of the recipients and needy families journey in the Christmas story, reported in a press-service of the company.

“At the beginning of February 2016 40 children for two days to go visit Santa Claus in Velikiy Ustjug. In the action, the children are from foster care, those with many children and low-income families and children with disabilities. They all live in different villages and cities of the Rybinsk district of Yaroslavl region,” says the operator.
A Charity project is within the budget on Christmas gifts for business partners. This year, the employees of TUI have made the decision, the full scope of the medium, specifically for the procurement of the gifts, spend the Organisation of the journey in a Winter fairy tale for children, who previously could only dream about this journey.

As a thank you for the opportunity, during a visit with Santa Claus, the guys with their hands sewn to 350 nice gloves. The gloves with the brand TUI will be new year’s gifts for all the partners-tour operators.
Also in this year the company TUI Russia has decided to carry out corporate holiday, invested in the Budget of the event and the charity. These means are procured Christmas presents for the pupils of the three schools in the rural areas of the Yaroslavl Region. On the eve of the surprise of the company of 419 children from low-income families.