The Moscow airports have for passengers to the New year trips and competitions

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MOSCOW, 28. /TASS/. The passengers of the Moscow airports in the new year holidays in the location, not only with the original Christmas trees, but also the scent of Winter fairy tale, visit the guided tours in the Museum, and visit the photo exhibition. Reported Regional news Agency Moscow region (РИАМО) the representatives of the press Services air ports of the capital.

“The whole concept of new year’s decoration of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport developed on the basis of Russian folk art, reflect the traditional Russian culture. Elements of each of the passenger Terminal are in their style way”, — said the representative of the press Service of Sheremetyevo international airport.

He said that for the completion of the Terminal C, the techniques were Vologda lace, Terminal-D — technology гжельской painting, Terminal-E — жостовской painting, Terminal F — painted-painting. Crowned is the subject of the Russian Winter пятиметровая white Christmas tree in Terminal D, decorated with blue, Golden and silver balls, in the vicinity of installed pure white luminous throne.

An employee of the press Service of Sheremetyevo international airport added that the airport has more than 40 unique Christmas trees, the best of which guests airport voices were in the social networks. Apart from this, the airport is used for children new year’s eve program, which primarily includes guided tours in the Museum airport.

According to the words of the employee of the press Service of the airport Domodedovo, when logging in to the Terminal, passengers feel the smell of the Winter tale: according to the results of the vote of the passengers in the social networks has been chosen, new year’s eve scent airport.

“In the middle of the Terminals installed pubescens восьмиметровая Christmas tree, one of the most important decorations are balls, manufactured with the use of digital technologies. A festive decoration to complement the large lollipops at the Information and huge Christmas decorations in the shape of a pyramid”, said the spokesperson of the Domodedovo airport.

He explained that even the visitors of the airport can come up with an exhibition photo exhibition “Christmas traditions”, created with the support of the Central state archives of the city of Moscow. Retrospective, archive photos allowed авиапутешественникам immerse yourself in the atmosphere of new year’s eve in Moscow in the last century. The small passengers during the holidays also some surprises and competitions.

“The airport Moscow-Vnukovo, a warm festive atmosphere. Airport Terminals are with colourful decorations, in the middle of the terminal and on the forecourt installed elegant Christmas tree with colorful toys and special lighting,” said, in turn, the representative of the press Service of the air Harbor.

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