The Ministry of foreign Affairs stated that the Situation with the Turkish airlines

In the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation commented on the Situation with the temporary suspension of the flights in Russia, Pegasus Airlines, Onur Airways.

We will remind that earlier the Minister of transport of Turkey Binali Yildirim, Russia has been accused, in violation of international civil aviation standards and called the arbitrariness, the Situation with the visas for the members of the crews of the Turkish airlines.

With indignation took the statement of the Minister of Transport of Turkey Binali Йылдырыма with groundless accusations of Russia in connection with the suspension of flights in our country, two Turkish airlines. I would recommend the Turkish Minister will not turn hastily in the Anti-Russian Propaganda campaign, and find out the real Situation with the Turkish airlines. In reality interrupt their flights in Russia, respectively, to 13 and 14 through the exclusive use of the fact that the leadership of this company, despite pre-spread Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia the information about the introduction of the visa regime with Turkey since 1. January, not in time побеспокоилось visas for their crews. The airline “Pegasus” has the Visa application and documents in our Consulate General in Istanbul until the second half of the day on 6. January. “Onur Air” visas are not addressed”, said the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry, Maria Sacharowa.

It is significant that Turkish Airlines, in the time занявшаяся Problem, within a reasonable period of time the multiple annual visas for the 380 pilots and technicians, and performs the flights on schedule.