The minimum size of the турстраховки funded by up to 2 million

28. December enter into force, changes to subject-law, the minimum size of the insurance sum under the insurance contract abroad in the amount of not less than 2 million euros.

“Many tourists traveling abroad, save on the insurance, which refers to the fact that the Rest will be quiet. When comes to the PE, the person concerned or their family members will begin after the rescue operation of the Ministry of emergency situations and other ministries. With the entry into force of the new changes to the Tourist, the by the insurance, all risks that can occur during the trip,” – said the President of the Russian Union of insurers (BCC) and the Russian Union of insurers (RSA) Igor Jurgens.

Now in the case when the event took place in the period of validity of the policy, and at the time of termination of the term of the insurance policy travel still needs treatment, including hospitalization, medical transportation, and so on, the insurer is liable within the limits set out in the framework of the policy the sum insured without further restrictions. When this insurance is for a period of not less than the duration of the stay of the insured outside the Russian Federation.

The insurance comes into force at the latest on the day of the crossing of the insured Person to the state border of the Russian Federation, if the conditions of the contract not provided its opinion in favour of the insured Person, the outside of the Russian Federation

“In addition, tour operators and travel agencies are now obliged, for the enlightenment of tourists under the personal signature, that in case of rejection of conclusion of the contract of voluntary insurance the cost of medical help in an emergency-and emergency forms abroad, the travelers, and the cost for a posthumous return of the people wearing them, in the return of the body of the deceased”, the complement in the Union of the insurer.