The largest tourist submarine built in China

The world’s largest transparent U-Boot-Huandao Jiaolong I for tourists runs in the test run on the Hainan island, reported

Based miracle-boat in the Bay of Yalong in the city of Sanya. As experts believe, a new, unique a proposal, only the interest for the island.

According to the chief Designer of the project, U-tourism-spoon Ye Cong, the length of the vessel is 7.9 meters, a width of 3.6 metres and 4.4 metres in height. Weighs the boat 23,9 tons. Tourist submarine is able to carry nine passengers and two crew members to a depth of about 40 meters.

Today, there are about 100 different types of tourist submarines, to take on Board, not more than three up to five passengers. Therefore, Huandao Jiaolong to right is the world’s largest vessel of its art

The boat is equipped with a System of power supply, life support, GPS Navigation, air-conditioning in the passenger compartment.
Currently the boat is tested in the Yalong Bay, which it allowed on the track.