The exception to the registration of several tour operators panic on the market

31. December 2015 AVIADO.RU — a press-the Secretary of the Russian Union of tourist industry (PCT), Irina tjurina, explained that the exclusion from the Register 19, the tour operators caused panic among the travel agencies and tourists. In the Union believe that the time for the exclusion of companies from the register selected to be very successful. Mrs. Turina added that due to the care with market-Tour-companies from Turkey and affiliated travel agencies, this can lead to an increase in unemployment in the country.

“Rosturizm well congratulated the Russians happy New year, by almost a panic on the tourist market. We call from different cities, who the fate of the paid vouchers and travel agencies, who do not know, that the answers are in the tour… it is Unclear why it was necessary to make this decision, just 30. December, in the winter season, when tens of thousands of tourists fly or must fly in the vacation. Not to mention the fact that the exclusion of the operator of the Registry not absolutely adequately”,— leads the “Interfax”, the words of Mrs. Тюриной.

We will remind, on 30. rosturizm has published the order about the exclusion, with the 1. January 2016 of the Federal government, registration of tour operator companies of the Turkish economy. Only excluded from the registration process 19 legal entities: LLC “Ренейссанс property Management” GmbH “АТТИДА TRAVEL”, LLC “PEGASUS-TOURS”, Ltd “Pegasus Kazan”, LLC “Pegasus Ufa”, LLC “PEGASUS Ekaterinburg”, LLC “Pegasus Krasnodar”, LLC “Pegasus Samara”, LLC “PEGASUS-KEMEROVO”, company “Pegasus perm”, LLC “Pegasus Retail”, the LLC “Pegasus Khabarovsk”, company “Pegasus Surgut”, the LLC “Анэкс regions,” company “Anex Tour, Moscow,” company “Бентур Moscow”, LLC “Pegas”, the company “SANMAR TOUR” and OOO “Coral travel”.

We will remind, the vast majority of respondents (94%) in the near future no plans to travel in Turkey, found the survey. The attitude of the inhabitants of Russia in Turkey, have clearly deteriorated 73% of the respondents after the shooting down Russian military aircraft su-24.

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