The Dominican Republic is to develop culture-and Shopping-tourism

The Dominican Republic has based its strategy for the promotion of culture and Shopping tours. About it reported the Ministry of tourism of the country.

According to a consultant for Marketing of the Ministry of tourism, Magali Toribio, in the next year the Republic intends to promote the culture of the respective Region.

In terms of Shopping tourism consultant said that Santo Domingo had already turned into a very attractive market for tourists from South America come in the capital of the Dominican Republic, go to the shops, offer competitive prices and a large selection of established in the country by international brands. With the aim of extracting the maximum profit from the Shopping destinations of the National Congress, to examine the accounts of the return of the tourists taxes on the committed by them, purchase (tax free). The Initiative has received great support from the Hospitality sector of the country.

It is worth noting that the number of tourists-non-residents who from January to November 2015 in the Dominican Republic, for the first time more than five million. Republic forecasts to the end of the year more than 5.6 million travelers. By 2022 the country intends to achieve indicators 10 million tourists a year.