The dog opened the Luggage compartment подлетавшего plane to Moscow

23. July 2018, AVIADO.RU — emergency landing a passenger plane in Sheremetyevo provoked the little dog that managed the Luggage compartment open. Fortunately, fall has not managed.

At the approach to Moscow is the Boeing 737, the flight from St. Petersburg and at an altitude of about 4000 meters, reported on the triggered Alarm, to open the Luggage compartment, commander. In the end, the crew successfully performed an emergency landing and no one was injured, reports “Interfax” a source in the services of the airport.

Terrestrial services, immediately arrived at лайнеру after landing, confirmed the opening of the baggage handling of the wing. During the investigation it turned out that the dog was not properly sealed in the cell, whereby they increased during the flight, to open разодрала the interior trim of the Luggage compartment and somehow, the actuation of the flap at the front provoked.

Fortunately, the trunk is not opened completely, since the automatic held the opening of the sash in the air. “The trunk opened a few inches, but the dog I am, and live”, – quotes Agency the words of the source.

The international airport Sheremetyevo is the largest airport of Moscow is located in the North-West of the capital, between the cities of Khimki and Lobnya (10 km from MKAD). Sheremetyevo air-port the number 1 in Russia according to the infrastructure and the extent of passenger numbers.

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