The direction of the “Moscow-Chisinau” was the most popular Route year

The direction of the “Moscow-Chisinau” was the most popular авиамаршрутом year among the countries of the CIS. About it reported in a study, the Online Service Ticket “Tutu.Roux”, press release to the editor of the “” on Monday, the 28.

In the year 2015, the proportion of the purchased on a one-way Ticket from Moscow to Moldova amounted to 16.7 percent of all Tickets in the CIS countries. The average price for a one-way was 6 563 rubles. Experts suspect that in the next year to continue favorable factors for further growth of the demand for this direction — a small cost for the Tickets, the location of Chisinau towards Europe and Russia.

In five of the most popular destinations among the CIS countries are also of Kiev, Minsk, Yerevan and Odessa. Almost as much space as in 2014.

Experts say the growth of the demand for Tickets in Tbilisi, is on the eighth place in the rankings in the year 2015. The share of purchased tickets on “” rose from 2.1 percent to 2.8 percent. So are the average prices remained approximately at the level of 2014 (9 925 Euro).

Overall, experts have found that a strong increase in prices compared with the year 2014. So, flights in Europe rose on average per year to 24 per cent, in the CIS States, to 23 per cent. Given the volatility of the course ruble and the unstable geopolitical Situation, you can predict that in 2016, a growth in prices for travel abroad of at least 20 percent, and in Russia — about 10 percent.