The demand for business travel is growing in the CIS countries

According to the company, the BSI group, in the past two years, there was a significant increase of interest for business travel in the CIS countries, such as Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Belarus, as well as an increase in the orders for the implementation of MICE events in these countries (for Corporate seminars, forums, timbildingov collected and other projects).

“We combine this Trend with the devaluation of the Russian currency, came at the end of the year 2014. Russian companies are striving for cost-effectiveness, and choose Alternative, more Budget travel destinations for business events. The cost of travel in the countries of the former USSR, and Babysitting / childcare (surcharge таммМІСЕ events are cheaper than in comparable countries in Europe and Asia,” says the Director of the Department for Business travel and MICE-projects BSIgroup Olga Petrova.
According to the wife Petrova, with the end of the year 2014 the growth of the demand for the holding of MICE events in the CIS countries amounted to 38%, while the interest in Europe, however, declined by 22%.
The interest in cities in Russia for business events in the past two years increased by 32%, and has become a popular destination Sochi.
Also, experts suggest that the Russian companies for the purpose of saving the duration of the business travel. In 2014, the average duration of a business trip Russians was 3-4 days, this year from 1-2 days.
The budget for business travel VIP is not decreased level in the past two years.

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