The cadet Academy Zhukovsky was 450 thousand of passenger airport of Voronezh


Happy was the cadet Academy Zhukovsky Vladislav Frolov. Together with his girlfriend Tatiana, he went home, in Ulan-ude on the vacation. And was the 450-титысячным passenger airport in Voronezh.

By the guidance of the airport “Voronezh” the passengers have in gift-Tablet-PC and a certificate for Business-hall, and from the shipping company — Wi-Fi flight on the route “Voronezh-Moscow-Voronezh”. According to the words of the young people on the flight are you in a hurry in the airport, arrived immediately after the exams.

Vladislav Frolov, a passenger, said: “good in General, that the S7 has appeared in Voronezh, in the past we had the other companies fly the Tickets more expensive. But a year ago, she appeared, and we felt that the prices for the Tickets have become smaller. Yes, in principle it is more convenient, everything is organized”.

450 million passengers — the best indicator airport in the last 30 years. For example, in 2014, here served 50 thousand people less. According to the manual, in spite of the economic Situation in the country, and also the suspension of flights on the most popular воронежцев towards Egypt and Turkey, the air transport in the Region is still in demand.

In the next year, the employees of the airport are hoping to overcome Halbmillion home and abroad.