The British hesitate, flights to Egypt resume

The oldest airline in the UK loukost Monarch Airlines had no intention to renew flights in Egypt this autumn, the Telegraph.

Monarch Airlines El Sheikh scheduled to begin flying in the Egyptian Sharm to 30. October, although previously explained, the extension of the cancellation of flights until February 2017 (in connection with the act of terrorism against the Russian aircraft).

To fly right, the carrier will be able to catch to Egypt only if the recommendations of the British foreign office is to be changed. Otherwise, flights, on the Route, as previously planned, in February.

In the opinion of the management of the company is most likely to be relevant to the second variant of development of events is not, there is still new information about Egypt from the British government arrived.

“The great and hard work has been done by the governments of great Britain, and Egypt, as well as the tourism industry, to the improvement of the security measures in Sharm-El-Sheikh. We hope that we will re-open this important market, at least in February,” he told reporters Andrew Swaffiel, managing Director of Monarch Airlines.

The issue of a possible resumption of flights реанимирована recent trip was to the British Parliament in Egypt. The main purpose of the visit of deputies in the country was the review of the security in the Egyptian airports.

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