The Brit swam across the Pacific ocean in 209 days

The Briton John Биден (John Beeden) was the first person to проплывшим alone on the boat from the USA, in Australia, through the Pacific ocean without stopping. As The Guardian reported, with travelers lasted 209 days.

Биден began the trip in June from San Francisco, suggesting that there is within of 140 to 180 days and lasts until mid-October. But because of the weather it came in Cairns (Queensland, Australia) only on 27.

On average, Бидену had rowing on his six-metre boat Socks-II 15-hour knock. During his journey, the 53-year-old travelers overcame 6,1 thousands of nautical miles.

“I had not expected that it would be difficult, but that is exactly what I wanted. The first man that reached such a great result — amazing. I have not yet realized that I’ve done it,” he said.

Earlier in the year, 2001, another Brit, Jim Шехдар (Jim Shekhdar) crossed the Pacific, he sailed from South America and arrived in Australia. It took 274 days.

On the rowing boat in the Pacific ocean in the year 2014 alone, crossed, and the Russian traveller Feodor Konjuhov. For 159 days overcame he set off from the Chilean city of Con Con (Valparaiso) before the Australian town of Mooloolaba. Also, the grooms, the three visited the North pole and the South pole, Everest, the Cape Horn.